Because if I’ve done nothing else in five years of blogging, I’ve at least indulged in drug references as a form of public service

Brick walkway leading up to our front porch

From an IM conversation with a friend:

M: bas yaara, sorry for boring you

Yasmine: dude, not at all, hope i helped in some way

I need some crack

Yasmine: crack is always good
just stay away from the real deal crazy estuff
i don’t want to have to tell your ummy i introduced you to that

M: No way, I already know that and tried that
Actually, I didn’t know that and I was a shareef bacha
And you introduced crack to me through your weblog
I will sue you now


Dude, who knew I’d have to deal with liability issues related to “the Yasmine Vocabulary,” i.e. stalking, stabbing, and crack? If this continues, I just might wake up one morning wishing I had gone to law suckool after all. Vat drama!

Also, I have recently expanded my Pukhto vocabulary to include crack references as well. (My father will be so proud, I know.) I’ve learned that charsi means “crackhead.” And charsi janan means the beloved who is on crack (welcome to Pukhto songs and literature).

I’ve also learned that there is a restaurant in Peshawar called Charsi Tikka Shop. In deference to my love for food and crack, I must eat there. Someday. Soon.

13 thoughts on “Because if I’ve done nothing else in five years of blogging, I’ve at least indulged in drug references as a form of public service

  1. hahaha
    a whole post about CRACK? way to go yasmine!
    I did not know charsi is part of pakhtu language too- Did you learn Chursi meaning from our crazy email thread which was also CCed to your dad too? The one where we laughed so much about crazy email IDs of our brothers?

    Ref. to eating at charsi Tikka shop in peshawar: My experience with eating out at such places is quite uncomfortable-I was afraid to look around me and voices in my head kept on telling me that they might eat me uncooked.

    wallah allam!

  2. PostMan,
    mein tho kabhi namak mandi nahin gai. kahan hai wo? You mean there’s an entire chain of Charsi Tikka restaurants?! (interro-delicious!) I think I need to put together an international itinerary.

    You’re making me laugh, and I don’t even know what’s funny. Share stories and footoos, STAT. I don’t handle suspense too well. Reeshtiya!

    Did you talk about charsi in that email thread? I can’t remember. That was hilarious – everyone was like, WHOA, when they realized my dad was cc:ed on there, too. hahaha. And esstop being scared of the Pathans! GOSH! Anyway, I hear that what those hole-in-the-wall places lack for in ambiance, they totally make up for in terms of good food. Let’s go to Charsi Tikka together someday. You’re tall. You can protect me.

  3. Namak Mandi is in peshawar! You not from there?!
    And there is no chain of Charsi.. just one.
    I usually visit the one the other side of the road to charsi.. the chefs name is ‘khaista’ pyara/acha :)

  4. I’m not from Peshawar, no. =) from the Attock area, actually. I know what Khaista means, and I’ve got to eat at a place that has a chef of that name. haha that’s so awesome!

  5. la~la~aaa~la~la~la~la~..
    Oh! Hi people.
    I think crack is rocking here so is charsi tikka.
    But no one cares about the poor charsi janan.
    Charsi janana ma khafa keega..
    Do you people know how a “janan” becomes a “charsi janan”. Because his beloved don’t care about him and betray him.
    Don’t make charsi janan more charsi. Talk about him also…

  6. Owlie, I am so proud of you. Look at you all growed up, and correcting people’s Urdu terminology. So they call a heroinchi a crackhead in angrezi eh? They call all heroinchis “ja’az” often pronounced “ja’aj” in wifey’s city – which is a more vivid (and tangible) representation of a person ‘high’.

    So Yazo, tell me again, why did you think I would have something to add to a post about ‘crack’? Don’t let the world press fool you. Not all daarhiwalas grow opium. :)

    Now if I understood the nuances of this literature well, it appears ‘badah’ underwent some kind of transformation when it was making the journey from
    Ghalib’s Delhi. Liquid assumed a more solid state.

    Go haath ko jumbish nahin, aankhun main to dum hai,
    Rehne do abhi cigarette-0-afyun(a) merey agey!


  7. hahahaha

    Knicq bhai, i introduced hubby to word jahaz and then my city’s variation “ja’aj’ few days back and he is using it like a pro.

    and now i come here and see you mentioning all this..aahh..that increase my resprect for you. a lot.
    so proud of you bhai jee.

  8. Did you know that your website is an informatio content provider, as defined by Title 47 Section (f)(3) of the United States Annotated Code? Did you?! Please kick my ass somebody.

  9. The owner of charsi tikka shop is quite an enterprising bugger! he has shops allover pshawar By the same name and by different names! But the food is DELICIOUS! no doubt about tht.lolz and the one on university road has small roms in the back.Where u can smoke all the chars u want.Provided you bring it yourself!

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