For all my fellow bookworms.

Check this: The 100 favourite fictional characters… as chosen by 100 literary luminaries [via Kottke]

Tin Tin! Dr. Watson! God! Jane Eyre! Paddington Bear! Antonia Shimerda! Anne of Green Gables!

(I think I need to expand my literary collection, is what.)

And, in response: Character witnesses, as chosen by Independent readers

Sidney Carton, Holden Caulfield, Tom Joad, Rebecca de Winter, Jo March, Atticus Finch!, Eeyore!

(Ditto the parenthetical confession above. Good lord, why haven’t I read barely any of the other books on this list?)

And: My anti-Hero (because the bad guys are so much more interesting)

Also, because I am now obsessed with the Enjoyment>>Books section of this site:
– Interviews with authors whose books I want to read:

* Nuruddin Farah
* Eric Carle (one of my very favorite authors/illustrators of children’s books)
* Asne Seierstad
* Sarah Vowell (a.k.a Violet Incredible!)
* Nadeem Aslam (“Most ordinary Muslims say, ‘We just want to get on with our lives. Don’t identify us with the fundamentalists.’ But it’s a luxury. We moderate Muslims have to stand up. As a child I was really frightened of the game Hangman. I was terrified that my not knowing the answer was going to get somebody killed. As a grown-up, I feel that a game of Hangman is being played on an enormous scale in the world, and that sooner or later I’m going to be asked certain questions, and if I don’t give the right answer somebody is going to get hurt.”)

Plus, an argument: Independent versus Chain bookstores

6 thoughts on “For all my fellow bookworms.

  1. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a source of positivity and light in this sometimes dark and overwhelming world

  2. Your posts always make me feel like I’m not alone in my struggles and insecurities Thank you for sharing your own experiences and making me feel understood

  3. Your vulnerability and honesty in your posts is truly admirable
    Thank you for being so open and authentic with your readers

  4. Your writing style is so engaging and easy to follow, I find myself reading through each post without even realizing I’ve reached the end

  5. I love how this blog promotes self-love and confidence
    It’s important to appreciate ourselves and your blog reminds me of that

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