3 Beautiful Things, the “Monday Morning in the City” Edition

one. A mother in dress clothes sat cross-legged on the floor of the train this morning, reading a children’s storybook to her young son in a stroller, and every one of us in the front half of that carriage was blatantly eavesdropping.

two. A (homeless?) man was playing the saxophone directly in front of a hotel on Market Street this morning. The hotel manager was exhorting him — politely but pleadingly in a low voice — to move to a different location. The saxophone man looked down, simply shook his head once, and continued his beautiful, haunting music. We passers-by watched, listened, and kept glancing back as we walked by. I felt badly for both of them, two men simply doing their job and trying to get through the day, but I hope the saxophone man is still there in front of the hotel, serenading San Francisco guests and pedestrians.

three. I ducked into Walgreen’s on my way to work with a dying phone battery, and stepped out two minutes later with a micro-USB charger that cost only $5 and is ORANGE. It makes me happy to see the sunshine-y color snaking across my desk.

It’s only 8am, and I think this day is just going to get better, inshaAllah.

(Just like old times: Tagging Sara I, Javed, Aisha for the 3beautifulthings reference, and Baji for the orange!)

8 thoughts on “3 Beautiful Things, the “Monday Morning in the City” Edition

  1. So glad to see you back and posting, I love love love Three Beautiful Things, thank you for reminding me to restart that! Hope to see more coming our way soon in the way of your beautiful writing!

  2. orange zindabad!
    my three beautiful things:
    1. getting paid.
    2. acknowledging that trader joe’s is really just one big snack aisle and being okay with that.
    3. you! blogging! again!

  3. umm im gonna add 3 more things.
    1. On monday Prophet Mohammad S.A.W was born
    2. The Quran was revealed on Monday.
    3. The Accounts are shown to Allah on monday (and also on thursday)

  4. Yasminaaaaaaay! Update please. I know you’re now married and all but that doesnt mean you abandon your blog!!!!!

  5. I finally got around to reading your story in ‘Love, inshallah’. Beautifully written and a pleasure to read :) Waiting on a blog update…

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