Everything here is a reflective surface, even dirt, even fire, even skin

Not mitthai
Not mitthai, originally uploaded by yaznotjaz.

I’ve spent the last month or so on what we flickr rockstars have all, in regards to our respective deadlines and dramas and to-do lists, been referring to as Getting Important Things DONE. What this means, of course, is that I’ve been distracting myself by spending far too much time browsing the internetS and overburdening my firefox browser with the number of tabs I keep open at one time. (The other day, I had 86 tabs open in one window. It was slightly ridiculous.)

I would share all those links and things with you here on the weblog – as I do once in a while – except I’m half-afraid Ayan will come along and call it “fake updates,” as he is wont to do. Plus, I don’t like cluttering the main column with links (that’s what the writing’s for), and I can’t figure out a way to properly share it all on the sidebar without jacking up the careful placement of everything else that’s already there.

SO. I’ve created an account for sweepthesunshine on tumblr, which shall be my repository for rockstar links&things. Go check it out! It’s linked right at the top of this website, so you can find it again. There’s an RSS feed for it, too, so you can keep track of the mish-mash I’m keeping track of. So far, there are lots of images and quotes and music, and things that intrigue me and make me happy. It’s all shiny and glittery and colorful. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. This thing is quite addictive, dude.


(Post title is a line from Leslie Harpold’s piece on California, some of my most favorite writing. Check out more about that here.)

15 thoughts on “Everything here is a reflective surface, even dirt, even fire, even skin

  1. maisnon,
    haha i’m glad someone knows! i couldn’t remember the name of the store when i posted the photos to flickr, so there’s quite an interesting conversation going on here. can you imagine all the glitter you’d have on your body after using this?!

    oh, i know. tumblr’s quite rocking so far, and i’ve been having fun stalking you on there. =) love your bright, bright color scheme, yaara! also, the exclamation point in your log’s name. it makes me happy.

  2. Thanks for sharing tumblr and i am already there – Checking its interface and posting stuff.
    Although, I already use Google Reader and i am in love with its “Friends’ shared items”.

    [You can read more about it at following link:
    http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2007/12/google-reader-shows-shared-items-from.html ]

    But i am still going to try tumblr. And its seems very nifty and uber easy to use. My only concern is that i am already all over the place and have various accounts to share stuff (flickr, facebook) and it’ll give me another account and another password to remember.
    oh the old age cometh!

  3. hey thanks =) i pretty much went with my first instincts when i was picking the colours. it ended up absurdly bright, and i wasn’t sure if it worked, or if it induced seizures. =/
    and, yeah, exclamation marks make me happy too!

  4. Adding your Tumblr feed STAT. I’ve been eyeballing Tumblr for awhile and spent a chunk of time yesterday surfing around there. LOVE the look of those tumblelogs…I may end up there yet…big changes afoot (in all parts of my life)… Can’t wait to see what kind of juicy links you’ve got there.

  5. so glad you guys are enjoying tumblr! =)
    i am, too – it’s definitely cut down on the number of tabs i have open at one time. highfive!

    and, fathima’s disgruntlement notwithstanding, i know you ALL have SO MUCH time to spend browsing the internetS. get to it.

    PS: HMan, esstop with your random ad-libbing; not everything is about you. *sigh* actually, i learned about tumblr from asad, who has rocking taste in music.

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