Back in business

This is just a Public Service Announcement to let you all know (as if you really care) that all my 2003-2007 archives have been imported over from Blogger!

Those of you who don’t care about such things can just ignore this post, but others who are interested in importing from Blogger to WordPress may find this helpful, for your future reference.

Hamza, who mysteriously seems to know all about this drama, pointed me to the New Blogger importer. If you have a free weblog hosted on, you just log in, click Dashboard > Manage > Import > Blogger, and you’re good to go!

However, I now have a independently-hosted weblog, and the dashboard only lets you import from what they call the Old Blogger; those of us on the .org who want to import from The New Blogger Formerly Known as Beta will have to wait until WordPress 2.2 comes out.

However, if you are like Yasminay, you are hella impatient. So, I sat down and read through the ten thousand bajillion (okay, only 141) comments on that post that Hamza pointed me to, and finally found something helpful. BRILLIANT! I logged into my placeholder account, clicked the “Import” tab, and imported everything from Blogger. Then I clicked the “Export” tab, saved the file. Then, I logged into my brandnew fancy schmancy account, clicked “Import,” selected the file I had just saved, and voila!

Regardless of which way you go, this migration tool imports all your Blogger posts, comments, and categories/labels, without modifying your Blogger weblog in any way. And now I have three copies of all my weblog posts all over the internet, so I guess I can finally stop worrying.

Basically: Hamza is a rockstar, even though he’s one of those instigating chai-lovers. Thanks, buddy!

5 thoughts on “Back in business

  1. so, I don’t know if you know, but my brother was a big bhangra rockstar in college (as in, bhangra team captain, and the team won major collegiate competitions..); he still has bhangra-ish tendencies like when he’s happy, instead of saying “awesome” he’ll say “oh, balle!” and do a bhangra hop/jump thing. As annoying as it is initially, it really catches on. so NOW, whenever I see/read awesome things, now I think “oh balleee….” soooo, the point of this is, I read this, and thought, okay I don’t need this right now but if I ever do, oh balle.

    how fobbed out are we. :) I should blog about this.

  2. Hamza – “legit” is RIGHT! Now, I need to just remember to stop linking back to the blogspot archives, as I already did at the end of this post. Whoops! Thanks again, buddy boy.

    Anjum me love, we are so FOBBED OUT, and we LOWVE it! hahaha this is so great – now, in addition to always saying things like “Ooopar paanch!” and “Saat panjaa!”, I can also incorporate “O, balle!” into my vocab. BRILLIANT! :D

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