I hope my proposition to be your friend will not be an exemption

Is it just me, or is this sign disturbing?
“Not that I’m a handwriting expert or anything but that handwriting looks kinda needy,” originally uploaded by yaznotjaz.

I came across the above Urdu sign last fall while wandering around with friends on the infamous-amongst-Desis Devon Street in Chicago. My buddy, Zana, calls the sign “dodgy.” The translation reads: “Girl needed for computer work.”

Speaking of dodginess, Somayya forwarded me the following email a couple of mornings ago, adding, without any prompting from my end, “You can certainly post this on your blog and we can all get a good laugh out of it. HAHA.” While she was sincerely confused as to how the…uhh, GIRL…got ahold of her email address, the note is hilarious, regardless. I present, unedited for your enjoyment, Vick from Russia:


I got your contact from the cyberspace on my search for a sincere man who is marriage minded and have value for love and friendship and recognized the significant of having a good and sincere relationship, so I saw your profile on zackvision.com and decided to contact you and I hope my proposition to be your friend will not be an exemption.

Well I am Vick Mazur as you may know me and I am from Russia, which my father is from Russia and my mother is from Liberia but at present I live and work in the Republic of Benin in a Charity Organization but I am a very good girl from a good family, my hobbies are playing basketball, reading the bible, working hard and watching movies. I dislike people that lies and dishonest things, i am not too fat and not too thin, i am average in height, i do not smoke nor drink, white in complexion with blonde hair and a nice eye ball and i am also a easy going lady but i will leave that for you to to judge when we start this friendship and I hope you are satisfy with this little details about me and I will also pray to God to make our friendship last longer without regretting knowing each others.

Please I will like to stop for now, kindly tell me more about yourself, your profession and country so as to march one more step towards forever, honest and sincere friendship and I will send you my picture when I hear from you.

You can also reply me at my yahoo email address: [ ]

Yours truly,

22 thoughts on “I hope my proposition to be your friend will not be an exemption

  1. cannot.. resist…


    :) Let’s get it on with Vick, spelled like Vicks Vaporub. poor guy, I hope he doesn’t google himself and find this.

  2. So I’ve been around here a few times but this is my first comment. First, I’d like to say I like what you’ve done with the place! V. nice. And all your archives are here! Hotness. And 2nd – OMG look at how often you’re posting!! Love it! :)
    About this particular entry… Weird. But funny. Not the part where she’s looking for a soulmate, I guess you can say, but really cyberspace as a place to find forever? Well, no, it can happen through cyberspace, but email? And just… Weird. Yeah.

  3. the wierdest thing about it is that i’ve never even commented on zackvision.com! i have no idea how she found me. SHE….i didnt even know it was a girl LOL (i guess i dont read carefully enough…that’s what i have you around for yazzo! lol


  4. Yasminay, I knowww I am ignoring my blurking and lurrking habits. Getting Married is a HUGE DRAMA and super fun too. BUT hey..look at your brand new shiny home. vat a blaaaag yaar! tussi chaaa gaye ho.

    I know balancing work, play and blaaging is hard. Keeep swimmiingggg dori! You are doin’ great. AND ISTOP ignoring flickr.

  5. Anjum – OH BALLE! I can’t stop laughing about the “Vicks Vaporub” now. hahaha SAAT PANJAA!

    HijabMan – no idea, yaar. But if you click that link in my post, I’ll bet you he’s much too used to this by now.

    organicMuslimah – (S)he also “dislikes people that lies and dishonest things,” so THERE’S a person after my own heart!

    Adnan – well, yeah, but do you also have “a nice eye ball”?

    Preeti – 1. THANK YOU! 2. I’m working on it, but it’s tough, yaar. I think these all count as “fake updates.” 3. What, you’ve never harassed people online/through email with “A/S/L?” ‘Fess up, buddy boy!

    Somayya – I always knew you were a gay man on the inside, but why do you have girls chasing after you now? That doesn’t make sense!

    Ayesha – I know, my blurking habits are so down, too, but at least YOU have an excuse – I’m not planning on getting married anytime soon. I’ll be back to flickr soon enough, I PROMISE. Meanwhile, looking forward to seeing you all fancy schmancy in the South Bay on April 14th. :D

  6. Adnan – Really? I went in the other morning for my first eye exam in nearly 3 years (yeah, don’t ask), and my new optometrist told me I have slight astigmatism in one eye, and that I’m a great candidate for glaucoma when I grow up, thanks to my family history. I like your eye doctor much better.

    Yaser – I’m not sure, either. I guess sometime in between all the eating, sleeping, and working I do. Which is pretty much all the time (well, more work than anything else *shakes fist*), so godknows how I managed to make this happen. HijabMan is hella good at nagging, THAT’S what.

  7. ” … and a nice eye ball”
    1. bahaha
    2. just the one?
    3. maybe the other one is the mean eyeball?
    4. i need to manufacture a situation in which i can use this line.
    5. what does a girl have to do get hit on by men like this?

  8. But this seems like its a girl, not a guy? or a guy pretending to be a girl, looking for guys. Wierd stuff. You know how much spam he will recieve cuz u posted his email? Yes I spelled receive wrong. Yes I hope they die, and i hope they burn in hell! Sorry, movie reference.

  9. yazzo i cant help it! i’m just THAT loveable!!!!!!!! hahahhaha

    btw I MISS YOU…it’s only been a few days since i saw you, why does it feel like a million?!

  10. fathima, it can’t be me. I’m not blonde.

    yasmine, I also went to the eye doctor a couple of months ago after a hiatus of a few years. I was also told that I have astigmatism in one eye. My left eye ball to be precise. Which is why my right eye ball is very nice.

    Doc didn’t say anything about glaucoma candidacy though. But I did do magic for the Doc and the receptionists and other patients, so maybe he was playing nice?

  11. yazzo i cant help it! i’m just THAT loveable!!!!!!!! hahahhaha

    btw I MISS YOU…it’s only been a few days since i saw you, why does it feel like a million?!

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