Stop sniveling and get over it

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Driving along to work this morning, I heard on the radio that today is Get Over It Day. The website is hilarious – you can type out what you want to get over, and click “submit,” and it turns into a piece of paper that gets tossed into the blazing bonfire on the homepage. Here are some issues that people are getting over. Also, some girl called in to the radio station, sniffling that she wanted to get over her ex-boyfriend named Alex, who had just dumped her. Also, she was twelve. TWELVE! Yes, I laughed.

Anyway, one of my personal philosophies has always been, If you refuse to do anything about it, then you have no right to whine about it, and it’s served me well so far. In all honesty, though, Princess Pretty Pants and I whine quite a bit whenever we’re around one another – but, in our defense, at least it turns into fun stuff. Like the time PPP and HMan and I trudged up the summit path in Muir Woods. By the end of it, PPP and I were hella tired, we couldn’t even see the ocean from the top of the mountain, we whined about how much our feet ached, and we stubbornly refused to walk all the way down to my car.

So, we all hitchhiked instead. TWICE.

Beautiful solution.

A lot of my whining lately has been about work – when I can even muster up the energy to whine. And, of course, there are always random trivial things I should get over.

Things I’d like to get over:

– People who call me and don’t leave voicemessages, and then get offended when I deliberately don’t return their calls
– People who answer the phone with a tentative, questioning, “Hello?”, even though they can perfectly well tell it’s I who am calling
– People who reply to my text message(s) by immediately calling me back. If I had really wanted to have a verbal conversation with you, don’t you think I would have called you directly?

Okay, enough with the phone.


– Work-related meetings on weekday evenings
– Work-related meetings/events on weekends
– People who are micro-managers
– Traffic
– People who don’t wave when you let them merge into your lane
– People who make hanging-out plans that don’t involve food. What kind of friend are you?
– Friends who make me miss the previews when we go out to see a movie together (I LOVE previews, dammit)
– People who borrow my beloved books and music CDs and then lose them or somehow just never get around to returning them to me
– My own possessiveness about personal items like clothes, books, and accessories

What would you like to get over?

13 thoughts on “Stop sniveling and get over it

  1. kia badtameezi hai? Yasmine, I am thinking you might the first obsessive compulsive who is obsessing over web domain names. Now I know you tried to pretend you are not a geeknerd by pretending not to know what mysql is, but serisouly the gig is up. seriously.

    and whats with the requiring name and email! I feel my right of privacy is being seriously undermined. lawsuit is forthcoming.

  2. Yay for dotcoms!

    Traffic sucks. Previews rock. And I NEVER lend out books I love, unless it’s to a person I love… and I don’t plan on getting over that anytime soon!

    I would love to be able to get over people who don’t fulfill their responsibilities. Also people who don’t take responsibility for anything, but I suspect those are going to be tough.

    Also, reading your post (and talking to real life people), I am starting to wonder if there’s anybody out there who isn’t having a sucky time at work right now…

    awww those were the dayyysss when we’d get rides down the mountain LOL even though it was really ONE day! let’s take a MENTAL HEALTH day to muir woods soon! OR WE CAN GO TO MY BEACH! (now that i own it hahahahhhahahaha) how does that soundddddd? :D

  4. your getoverits sound a lot like the getoverits of a friend of a friend’s. does this mean that the world, as a whole, suffers from common getoverits?
    and can i getover winter jackets? like, RIGHT NOW?
    i’m going to try.

  5. children! it is +5 (C) today! this means i did not have to wear my winter jacket. instead, i wore my spring-type jacket. but! what this means is that soon there will come a day when i will have to wear no jacket. AT ALL.

  6. ayan – lookit you and your fancy schmancy Urdu! i totally don’t know jack about mysql, and you are more than welcome to submit a fake email address if you like – i’m sure i already have your real one anyway, for stalking purposes. haha

    aisha – i’m trying, i’m trying, but seriously i have barely any free time. it SUCKS.

    huda – HIGHFIVE to my fellow dotcomer (dotCOMMER? vat the hell?) and book hoarder! Re. work: yeah, i dunno. this work business is taking up way too much of my life. it’s ridiculous, almost.

    anjum – me, too, yaar, me toooooooo. let’s run away and join the circus, yes?

    organic Muslimah – but life is so fun! if you have no traffic and parental guilt trips, that is. just kidding – life is drama. ha.

    ppp me LOVE – hahaha i can’t get over the fact that you just used my whole entire full name. when did THAT ever happen?! dude, i am so taking a mental health day soon. let’s make this happen.

    fathima – i am so gettingover winter jackers – and sweaters, even. check this, child: it’s 80 degree fahrenheit in my corner of the bay area RIGHT ABOUT NOW. funk soul brotha!

    hijabman – come wisit, you flakey flake flake.

    adnan – yeah! stop with that drama! GOSH. ;)

  7. the wave. the wave! if i let you into the lane. Fact is, I DONT let anyone into MY lane. It’s my lane, that’s why!

    You see what I need to get over.

  8. I DONT let anyone into MY lane. It’s my lane, that’s why!

    EXACTLY! so they damn well should appreciate when we let ’em in! i totally get you, koonj.

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