Edibly adorable crackstar kids

In case we didn’t already think Z is a cool dude, I am indebted to him for reminding me about what a wonderful weekend I had recently. When he asked me the other day, “What was the last fun thing you did?” my immediate response was, “Saturday, sitting outdoors for most of the day with my nieces [they’ve grown up!] in Sacramento, taking photos and recording videos of them while they threw flower petals all over me and the rest of the front lawn.”

Click below to see their botanical carnage. [Or check here if you can’t view the video properly.]

PS: All the dialogue is in Hindku. It’s okay, you don’t need to understand the language to know what’s going on.

[Oh, yeah, and YouTube? I feel like I’m going over to the dark side. I don’t even watch anything on YouTube. But maybe the dark side would be darker if I had been using Google Video for this.]

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