Hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock

In preparation for telephone interview
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You know what’s the most annoying thing that could possibly happen right before you have a morning telephone interview?


Yeah, that’s right. It was hella annoying and nerve-wracking and made me want to stab someone, which is not the best way to feel five minutes before you’re about to begin an interview, telephone or otherwise.

Also, it’s perfectly fine that I put together a small pile of notecards the night before, helpfully labeled with such headings as “Strengths,” “Org. mission,” “Prepare,” and “Questions to ask.” (We all know I hate phones – because they’re so impersonal, mainly – but, damn, a telephone interview feels like such an open-book exam, since you can sit there with your notes spread out all around you, the answers right in front of your face. I’m all about open-book exams.)

But the fact that I had to add a terse note reminding myself to eat breakfast before the interview? Just plain sad.

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