Example #452, in which we give an overview of How to Get on Yasmine’s Good Side

I went to sleep the other night and accidentally left my AIM on. The next morning, I woke up to find the following IMs from my buddy Z, indicating quite clearly why we are friends:

Z: Yessiree bob, she likes her crack
Z: Always has something funny to share
Z: _____ is her younger? sister [The question mark is there because my younger sister acts a lot more mature than I do.]
Z: Mummy is yummy: rule of acquisition number 281
Z: In the garden is where the crack comes from
Z: Never ever misses an opportunity for a good stabbin’
Z: Everybody’s favorite stalker!
Auto-response from Yasmine: M says: i hear you have crack. [Fool and I are gonna be doing some crack-dealing after next Sunday’s halaqa. Ooooh, BLASPHEMOUS.]
Z: The crow smokes crack at midnight

This was all amusing enough (and Lord knows I do appreciate people who indulge my repetitive conversations about stalking, stabbing, and crack), but what was even funnier was an exchange we had had a few days beforehand:

Z: Goriyay… sun goriyay… tenu kee hoya hay goriyay… NACHLAYYYYYYYY GORIYAY
Yasmine: vat songs are you singing?
Z: i dunno, i found it on my friend’s profile
Yasmine: singing is HARAAM!
Z: so are stabbing and cursing
Yasmine: no, they’re not!
Yasmine: God says it’s okay for me [And this was the part – right after I hit “Enter” and then immediately winced – where I sat back and waited for a lambasting from my buddy about blithely talking about God in such a manner…]
Z: that made me laugh out loud
Z: i’m still laughing
Yasmine: at least, He says it’s okay for me to joke about them ;)
Yasmine: it did?
Yasmine: hahaha
Z: okay, i stopped
Yasmine: i thought you were gonna get all serious and be like, That was SO haraam
Z: dammit, i started laughing again

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