ok, so it’s past 3 o’clock in the morning, and i’m…

ok, so it’s past 3 o’clock in the morning, and i’m barely making any progress on this stoooopid paper from hell that I got an extension on and need to turn in one of these years. Tomorrow (oops, I mean, today…it’s Monday already, huh) woulda been a good day to turn it in to my TA, but judging by the progress i’m making (or the lack thereof, more like), i’m not so sure I can pull this off by tomorrow. *siiiiigh* Sometimes I think college is so overrated. My dream is to drop out and go live at Baskin Robbins forever. Juuuuust kidding! haha. That does sound like major fun though. I mean, shooooot, tell me, if you had a choice between sitting through 2 hours of physics lecture on a Monday morning, or chillin at Baskin Robbins and eating YUMMY ice cream, WHICH would you rather be doing? It shouldn’t be toooo hard to decide. Anyone who chose physics over ice cream needs to be hit over the head. Get a brain scan done, homie. Cuz there’s gotta be something seriously wrong with you.

I’m really hungry right now. Everyone else has gone off to bed already, like the smart children they are. I’m gonna be the one stumbling bleary-eyed through the day tomorrow like a zombie on crack, if such a thing even exists. And for the record, no, I don’t know jack about crack. Haha, that rhymes! omg, I’m so easily amused. lol. But as I was saying, everyone else is in bed, so it’s majorly quiet around here, which means I’m sitting here listening to my stomach growl. And the fact that I can actually hear sounds at such a low pitch should tell you something about just how quiet it is! haha. Speaking of hearing, my ears are acting funky these days. I know I’ve had issues with my hearing for ever, but this is just ridiculous! I need to schedule an appointment with my ear specialist again. It’s time for my annual audiogram (hearing test) and check-up anywayz, so maybe he can take a look at this deal while he’s at it. My hearing has been pretty steady over the past few years, so I’ve never really worried about it getting any worse than it already is…But I feel like I’ve spent the whole past 2 weeks or so going, “Huh? What? Whaaaaat?” Having people repeat themselves 598590572 times is not fun at all. Trust me, I’m annoying myself. lol. Mad props to everyone for putting up with the craziness. And take my word for it, this is worse for me than it is for you. Only I just never complain about my issues. Cuz the Yaz never has drama, remember? hahaha. :)

k, so the stomach is saying, “FEEEEEED MEEEEE!” And since I have very little self-discipline and i AM hungry, i’m gonna go scrounge for some food in the kitchen. Peace out, homie g-funk children!

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