i think sometimes we become desensitized to the ba…

i think sometimes we become desensitized to the bad things that happen everyday… I came across these lyrics and it made me think about our crazy modern world where we just walk around in a little bubble. So many of us have it a whole lot better than gazillions of people all over the world, but you know, complacency is not the way to go. It’s good to be thankful for all the things we have, subhan’Allah…but ignoring the bad stuff, or blatantly denying that bad things even occur, is just messed up and sad. And what’s sadder is that all of us, myself included, have been guilty at some point or another of ignoring the negatives just because they don’t fit in with the rest of our perfect little bubble-enclosed world.


Don’t wanna read the paper

I don’t like bad news

Last night a man got shot

Outside the house of blues

I’d like to ignore it

I’d like to just pretend

That the reason for it

Is something I can comprehend

I don’t listen to the radio

Last time it made me cry

Two boys went crazy

Fifteen kids died

And I don’t know their families

I don’t ask ’em how they’re going

They’re on the other side of the world

But it’s way too close to home

I’ve got something to say

And I thought it might be worth a mention

If you’re not pissed off at the world

Then you’re just not paying attention

And you can turn off the TV

And go about your day

But just cuz you don’t see it

It don’t mean it’s gone away, hey

We don’t talk to our neighbors

They’ve got funny-colored skin

We see ’em out on the sidewalk

But we don’t invite ’em in

We only eat when we’re hungry

And we throw the rest away

While babies in Cambodia

Are starving everyday

We risk our lives

We hit our wives

We act like everything is funny

We hide our pain

While we go insane

We sell our souls for money

We curse our mums

We build our bombs

We make our children cry

We watch the band

While Vietnam

Just watch their children die

::Kasey Chambers::

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