so i’m sure y’all will be excited to know that the…

so i’m sure y’all will be excited to know that the Yaz was sitting at her computer, eating yummy croissants at 5 a.m. Shut up, I KNOW you’re jealous! You know what, I just noticed that when i write emails and stuff, I start out a lot of my sentences with “ok” or “so,” which is really weird. I’m guess i talk so much that I start from the middle of the sentence. How crazy is THAT. It’s fun being a crazy child though. You know you wanna be like me.

In case you wanted to know, I’m on campus right now. I never realized before that leaving home only half an hour later than usual would mean having to deal with traffic. It wasn’t real traffic though…it’s just that, for me, “traffic” is a title given to any situation where I have to drive slower than 80 miles per hour. Hey, it’s a 60-mile commute, one way. I’m entitled to enjoy it. For your information, I always set my cruise control at 80 mph in the mornings on my way to school, and having to go even 78 is cause for major annoyance. Don’t worry though…I go 74 (yes, 74! NOT 75…yeah, i know i’m majorly obsessive-compulsive) on the way home in the evenings, cuz it’s just better for relaxation purposes. Plus, in 2001, I received TWO speeding tickets within a six month period, and needless to say, my daddy-o was not amused. Neither was I, because traffic school is not my idea of a fun coupla hours. So that’s when I decided to speed to my heart’s content in the mornings, and take my time in the evenings. Good idea, no? I haven’t gotten any more speeding tickets since then, so I must be doing something right. Alhamdulillah. :)

But yeah, I left home later than usual today, and then I got stuck behind hecka people who drove like grandmas (some of them looked like they WERE grandmas), so I got to campus at exactly 9 a.m., which is when my physics lecture started. And I had to park all the way across campus from the lecture hall where physics is at, cuz that’s the only convenient place where I could find parking. So that turned out to be the parking structure (parking garage…I wonder why people call it a “structure”? I mean, that’s kinda obvious and redundant, right? Shooot, my house could be called a structure…”Hi, my name is Yasmine and I live at that one structure with lots of brickwork and geraniums because my father is an obsessive gardener.” That works too, i think).

And the annoying thing about the parking structure are all the parking attendants there. They’re like beyond annoying. I can’t even think of a better word. That’s how infuriating they are. I’ve been parking at the parking structure on and off for the past 3 years of college, so they see me around there a lot. And one of the guys just bugs me because he always wants to strike up random conversations with me or comment about random things, and I’m just like, What the hell? This past fall, when my car broke down, we shuffled our cars around so that I was driving my sister’s car and she and my brother were sharing another car. And the first day that I came back to campus with my “new” car (it’s still my car even now, because my old one is still in the shop), the attendant guy made a point to walk over and ask, “Heyy, what happened to your car?” And no, he wasn’t questioning me in a concerned way either…More like nosy and none of his business. And it was annoying, cuz i was like, Duuuuude, why do you even care? And why are you even keeping track of what cars I drive? Kinda stalker-ish, i say. And then he went off on this tangent about how his father drives the same exact car and blah blah blah, and I’m standing there like, ok am I supposed to CARE? ok I KNOW i’m sounding all evil and mean about this whole deal. But you wouldn’t understand unless you were there. Yes, i talk to random people all the time and take great pride in my conversational skills, but this is just kinda creepy.

And another parking attendant TOTALLY creeps me out cuz one day during fall quarter, I walked by him to get to my car and he goes, “yo sista! lemme get all dressed up too and how ’bout we go clubbin together!” I swear, that’s exactly what he said. I was like, “Sorry, I’m not the clubbin type, ok?” and kept walking.

It’s just majorly weird though. Plus, it kinda pissed me off cuz I tried to analyze it too much, I guess, and I was like, What, why did he say ‘too’? I’m not overdressed. This is how i ALWAYS dress, and no, it’s not formal at ALL. And did he think the fact that I was wearing hijab actually made me more susceptible to his advances? I mean, come ON. It’s majorly bothersome and aggravating though, cuz i’m starting to think, What kind of world IS this if a Muslim woman wearing hijab still gets hit on and checked out by random guys? Maybe I should switch to niqaab, cuz the hijab doesn’t seem to be helping me out much these days. ehh.

But anyway, these days, I tend to stay away from the parking structure, only I didn’t have much of a choice this morning, since I got to campus all late. And then once i got here, I decided I didn’t feel like going to physics lecture after all. I’m a crazy child. Need to work on this discipline thing. But hey, this is only the first physics lecture I’ve missed. And i’ve gone to ALL my other classes this quarter! So maybe i’m doing ok after all. Alhamdulillah. :)

So much bida and fitnah in the world these days though. Crazy crazy stuff. I seriously think we’re getting close to the End of Time. So sad. On Sunday when I went to my halaqa at the masjid, there were all sorts of crazy tremors (sorta minor earthquakes). One of the sisters said that that morning there had been a little shaking, so I guess the ones during halaqa were aftershocks. But it was still kinda scary. We were sitting there going, Should we go outside? Huddle under the doorways? Or what? And then another sister pointed out, “Well this IS the masjid. So if there’s gonna be an earthquake, this is the safest place to be!” Subhanallah.

ok, i think that’s all I have to say for now. Plus, i wanna go take a nap on the comfy (majorly SQUISHY! haha) chairs on the first floor of the library. You don’t understand, i’ve been looking forward to this alll morning! :) Much love and peace to y’all…

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