So on Fridayyyy….I had to put up with psycho Dev…

So on Fridayyyy….I had to put up with psycho Deval for two and a half freakin HOURS in physics lab! (btw, ‘Deval’ is pronounced like ‘navel’ with a ‘D’) Oh and another thing…I wonder why every time Deval and I have physics lab together, our TAs “coincidentally” schedule our seating in such a way that the two of us are NEVER seated at the same lab table. Hmmm, I do wonder why… So anywayz, Deval was all the way across the room today, and when I looked over at her, she gave me this huge cheesy grin and started singing at the top of her lungs, “My name is Yaaaaaz, and I’m too sexy for my own GOOOOOD!” I was like, “oh my god, what was THAT?!” Everyone looked up all startled, and then started busting up, and Deval goes, “What, you didn’t hear it right? Lemme sing it again!…My name is Yaaaaaaz, and I’m too sexy for my own GOOOOOOD!” I was like, ok, you freak. So I’m sitting there like, ok, I don’t know youuuu…And everyone in our lab is looking at us like, What FREAKS! hahaha.

Yes it was very interesting…. I just thought i’d share cuz i remembered that this morning and it was totally making me crack up. I think our TA and fellow lab folks are quite used to my and Deval’s psycho-ness by now. Everytime we act up, they just give us these amused looks, like, There go those silly kids again! Yeah, I guess everyone and their mama is way more mature than we are. And it ain’t gonna ever change, as long as I have something to say about it!

Another funny exchange from Friday:

Andy: So, Yasmine, how did you manage to get an exension on your paper?

Me: Well–

Somayya: All she had to do was smile, cuz she wakes up looking cute…RIGHT, YAZ??

Me: oh my god…SHUT…UP!

i know, i know, this whole post is making me sound so freakin big-headed. I’m not in the least, actually. To be honest, compliments embarrass the hell out of me. Seriously. Which is why when people compliment me, I say the most retarded things ever in an attempt to laugh it off, but it only results in even more crazy memorable exchanges that people don’t ever let me forget. Take the following, which was what Somayya was referring to in her punchline above too…

Somayya: Yaz, you just look cuter and cuter everyday!

Me: [cheesy grin to stave off the embarrassment] I know, cuz I just wake up looking this way!

That was in October, man. And I think everyone on campus has heard this story by now. lol

Speaking of stories…For those of you who may not have heard yet…YES, i got my nose pierced last Monday. NO, it barely hurt at all. NO, i did not cry (this is the yaz of course; what else did you expect? the yaz does not cry, homie. And yes i know that’s abnormal. Spare me your theories, cuz I’ve already got the yaz all psychoanalyzed.) YES, i’m in love with it. My Pukhtun nose and I are getting along a lot better these days. lol. And NO, the parents are not going to be amused when they return from Pakistan in exactly two weeks and see my pierced nose. They’re going to freak out, is more like it. lol. Deval’s been telling every single random person in our physics lab throughout the past week: “Yasmine is SUCH a rebel child! Her parents are out of town and she went and got her nose pierced!” And everyone looks over at me like, man, you’re just asking to die, aren’t you? I think they’re all seriously concerned for my safety, cuz Deval just had to go and make it sound as dramatic as possible. Yazzie Spazzie and her crazy soap opera life. As if! The Yaz never has dramas, for your information. hahaha. Hecka funny. I saw Javier on Friday too, and he called out to me across the Dutton courtyard, “I hear you got your nose pierced!” I was like, “I sure did, and it looks majorly cute, look!” He was like, “I’m going to have to tell your parents now, you rebel child!” I was like, Riiiiiight. And then there’s like the 4974974209 people who haven’t even noticed yet. Which is okay by me, cuz as I’ve already said, unnecesary attention and the (sometimes) resulting compliments just hecka embarrass me. Watch the yaz get all red, yeee-uhh. hahaha. Yes, it’s very interesting.

I guess just saying, “Thank you,” is a good way to go when people compliment you (shoot, that’s what i usually say, when I’m not in a super-retarded mood and try to laugh it off by saying something dumb and dumber instead), but even saying “thank you” sounds so…so…arrogant? It’s as if you’re acknowledging the fact that the compliment is true. And I hate acknowledging things like that. Because it embarrasses me. Yes, i know I have issues. Yes, we all know I’m a confused child. haha. I can’t help it!

K, i need to go figure out where i misplaced my Imam al-Ghazali book at (Imam al-Ghazali is the man…da mon…der Mann…for reals!), and then get ready for halaqa and stuff. And then come home from that and work on this paper from hell that I’ve been putting off for over a week. Can we say…procrastination? It seriously can’t get any lamer than this, man.

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