Happy birthday to my Baji of the dagger-chappals

Happy birthday, Baji! (the belated, flickr edition)
Happy birthday, Baji! (the belated, flickr edition), originally uploaded by yaznotjaz.

This was originally posted to flickr, but truly belongs here. Although Baji and I have both been hanging out a lot more on flickr these days, Blogistan is where it all started, after all.


September 25, 2008

My wrinkly pirate t-shirt and I would like to shout, ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!’ to our MOST FAVORITE (robot monkey pirate and) BAJI IN THE WORLD. (with caps-lock and multiple exclamation points!!!!!!!)

Thank you, BajiBaj, for taking care of my friends, for busting out with inside jokes and witty repartee and banter at a moment’s notice, for making me mix CDs, for holding sunshine playlists in stock for me and gifting me NINETY Wilco songs, for chauffeuring my sorry ass around DC, even when I spent too long chitchatting with S at Mama Ayesha’s, the Lebanese restaurant, and you had to sleepily text-message me to sweetly ask if I would be done soon so you could pick me up before you went to bed. Also, for introducing me to the concept of both dagger chappals and cannoli – although I’ve yet to have any cannoli, besides in gelato form – and for never tiring of ice cream- and gelato-related conversations. And for so good-naturedly (and hilariously) sharing your rockstar family with us.

There are so many things I love about you. May this year bring you all that is good and beautiful and blessed, inshaAllah, and may you have bajillions of even more rocking rockstar years to come!

Smashing HIGHFIVE and squeezy, bone-crushing hugs!


The t-shirt is from the pirate store in San Francisco, at 826 Valencia.

6 thoughts on “Happy birthday to my Baji of the dagger-chappals

  1. highfive back to you, you rockstar center of the all-star crackstar universe! it’s so funny to see you commenting on the footoo here, too, after all our flickr exchanges. ;) lowve it.

  2. i’m waiting for you to discuss it after you have FINALLY tried one! when are you coming to DC next? i’ll make sure i get you some.

  3. dude! i think the question should be, when are YOU coming to california next?! (interro-hop-on-over!) sunshine awaits you. well, for now. it’s cold enough that i have to wear socks in the evening now. i do not approve of this drama.

    also: must hunt down some california cannoli and give you a status report soon!

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