Kung-fu filum stars eat ice cream, too

sent to 2Scoops...
Sent to 2Scoops, originally uploaded by yaznotjaz.

[Read the front of the card in large-size.]

This was originally posted to flickr, but, again, really belongs here, because Blogistan is where it started. Also, I need to stop blogging on flickr. It’s getting ridiculous.


September 2008

2Scoops is one of my favorite crackstars in the entire world – and was, in fact, the one to initially come up with the ‘All-Star Crackstar Squad’ moniker for me and my rockstar entourage. [The story of his nickname, by the way, has been documented by Baji on flickr, here, in her inimitable story-telling way.]

I bought this card YEARS ago, soon after 2Scoops guest-posted an audioblog on Chai’s veblog. I wish I had saved that mp3 file, because it was brilliant. Years later, all I remember now is kung-fu references, and 2Scoops’ throwdown to his ‘ARCH-NEMESIS CHAI.’

Anyway, I came across the card years ago, laughed, bought it…and then never sent it to 2Scoops, because he’s slightly topsecret about sharing his birthday date. But I think it’s August. We haven’t played our usual phonetag/5minutevoicemails drama for a while, so I missed the crackhead and decided it was about time he finally got his card.

I didn’t get around to sending it out in August after all (surprise!), so mid-September had to do. And he got it!


Upon finding out that 2Scoops’ birthday was actually more along the lines of late September (saved! whew!), I posted the following:

Once more, with conviction

It appears to be "Celebrate 2Scoops" Week ’round here on flickr lately, so let’s carry on with this for a couple of more days.

[Preferable topics of rambling conversation include but are not limited to: Ice cream, shawarmas, swing-jump championships, the making-up-of words, Calvin&Hobbes, avocados vs. cucumbers, extolling the virtues of San Diego, explaining the concept of "quaint" in British accents in Berkeley bookstores (while getting yelled at by the saleswoman for videotaping the scene), apple pie a la mode, and the usage of "duu-huuu-huuude!" in any and all contexts.]

At the grocery store the other day (never a smart errand to run while fasting), I came across these cartons of strawberry cheesecake ice cream, and they made me laugh and think of 2Scoops. In college, I used to call him from campus and leave excited, 5-minute-long voicemails about the fact that, "They have strawberry cheesecake ice cream today – a whole cup for a dollar – and it’s AWESOME!" Last night, I had dreyer’s Apple Pie ice cream (yes! there is indeed such a flavor!), and it was just as SPECTACULARICIOUS as I had remembered.

Recently, I was cleaning out my room and came across a post-it, on which I had scribbled the following:

-electric-blue parka/snowboarding jacket
-strawberry cheesecake ice cream
-blue slurpee
-chicken shawarma
-gyro: ‘geero’? ‘jyro’?

I don’t remember quite what this was about, but I guess I’d been taking notes while listening to 2Scoops’ rambling voicemail. This must have been around the time when I was going to Ottawa last December, and I’d asked him how (HOW!) the heck a guy from San Diego managed to survive DC winters. The convoluted explanation of an ‘electric-blue parka’ that zipped all the way up to his chin was part of his hilarious answer.

2 thoughts on “Kung-fu filum stars eat ice cream, too

  1. Aw this post reminds me of the good-old-days of blogging, when we all had jumping tagboards and comment boxes with a life of their own. And best of all, a Yaz who updated REGULARLY! *shakes fist*

  2. dude! weren’t those rocking times? the Golden Age of Blogistan, for sure. *sighs sentimentally* remember how our comment boxes used to be like slow IM conversations and group-chats?

    will work on the more-regular updates. remember how i used to apologize for letting FOUR DAYS go without a new post? hahaha little did i know that one day, that would once in a while become four MONTHS. ahh!

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