Yeh watan hai hamara

I’m en route to Toronto for the RIS conference, wasting time in Charlotte, NC, during my little (5 hours long!!!! multiple exclamation points!!!!) layover, thanks to a delayed flight. Canada, why must all travel to/from your frozen tundra drive me insane?

Meanwhile, Benazir Bhutto has been killed in Pakistan. Blogistan is already on it (SepiaMutiny also links to Getty’s image archive of the event).

I can’t even pretend to know what this means for Pakistan, but it’s unsettling news nonetheless.

[PS: Thanks to HijabMan for the news. Such a HERO about keeping me good company when I’m stranded at airports.]

22 thoughts on “Yeh watan hai hamara

  1. Inna lilla hi wa inna alai hi rajayoon

    and bon voyage to you. i’ll let you off this time for being on the east coast and not swinging by … but don’t make it a habit!

  2. I wouldn’t leave some political comment about it. Rather would just say, I am hella worried about Pakistan at the moment. One leader lost means thousands without a purpose.

    I hope PK gets back to what it was a year and a half back. Hard to see how, but we can pray.

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours! Hope you have a safe trip.

    Regarding BB’s demise, its a shame to the umpteenth degree and I pray that Pakistan can make its way out of such trying times.

  4. May Allah bless her soul…

    We were in Dubai when we heard and I was left speechless – I don’t know enough about the political situation and history to hold a solid understanding of this and so I’m just holding my breath for Pakistan. I pray she will be safe…

    And on a lighter note, my beautiful Yaz:

    all my love,
    p.s. no doubt that HijabMan is The KeyMaster to excellent company!

  5. I thought you were going to update. I am checking google reader for last two days. Do you want me to make you write a post. :P

  6. Oi Miz Hott Pink-

    It was great seeing you at the wedding!

    I was unable to hang due to my fractured foot but I said to myself, “I have got to get that girl to explain her wrapping technique to me someday.”

    Well, LO & BEHOLD, you have!

    Thankus lady!

  7. Dudes,
    I’m back! I’ve missed you all so much.
    January sucked, and February’s got me busy with deadlines, but I figured I’ve neglected this space for far too long.

    Thank you, rockstars, for constantly checking in. =)
    You’re a pretty awesome bunch, you know?

    Thanks for the reminder! I gotta put up a post about that! (I notice, you’re so good about keeping me apprised about things. I lowve you.) Sorry we didn’t really get to chitchat. I’d been meaning to drop you an email the past week, to follow up/check in.

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