18 thoughts on “So, what do you do with all your precious time?

  1. The story of my life….

    This is promptly going to become my desktop wallpaper.


    Damn you for being such an utterly great distraction!

  2. I feel like that every day. I think “Just what the f*ck am I going to do with myself.” Then I log on and read the newest edition of “Sweep the Sunshine” and I forget all about it. Lowischewl? Vhat lowischewl?

  3. i spend my precious time performing basic human functions, goofing off on the internet, and trying to convince people to come and visit if only to occupy zp and give me more time to perform basic human functions and goof off on the internet.

  4. So glad you all liked it, and thank-you, Dave, for stopping by ‘in person’!

    Speaking of in-person, here’s another one I really like. =)
    And, mcpagal, that flowchart is freakin’ awesome, dude. Thanks for the laugh!

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