Thrown to paper and wasted: I can’t even concentrate on this, it’s overthought, anticipated

Hanging out at the art store
Hanging out at the art store, originally uploaded by yaznotjaz.

It’s never a good idea to blog about work, but I would just like to say: It’s not a part of my job description to waste time answering idiotic questions like, “What should I label this box? ‘Scratch paper’? Or ‘Scrap paper’?”

I am a very important person and I have much more valuable things to do with my time – like eating doughnuts for lunch.

12 thoughts on “Thrown to paper and wasted: I can’t even concentrate on this, it’s overthought, anticipated

  1. Anjum,
    I guess some people just don’t KNOW such things, and must be TOLD. they don’t know anything, especially the fact that i am above such trivialities (is that a word?).

    oooh, thanks for the heads-up. so THAT’S how it’s done (also, you know i lowve blogging about work. just gotta be careful). also, i saw your note on my above photo, and, since i’m not sure how often you log into flickr, i’ll reply here: i totally thought that was arabic calligraphy when i first saw it, too! seeing this photo again, months (years?) later, i did a double-take all over again. good eyes on ya. =)

    you have been missed, and it makes me smile to see you back in blogistan. clearly, YOU understand the rockstarishness! we must hang out soon, and i’ll wear my ‘elvis pants’ again, for old times’ sake.

  2. Ramadhan Mubarak Yaz!
    I was just reading through some of your older posts. Would it be possible for you to send me the Burda via email? Address there above. Jazakallah :)

  3. “scrappy paper”

    I was thinking of you when I read this line
    in my “The Writers Bones”…

    “We think of details as daily and mundane. Even miracles are mundane happenings that
    an awakened mind can see
    in a fantastic way.”

    I love that photo – I am quite addicted to
    paper shopping – I use it in my journals quite a bit:)

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