HijabMan.com is back!

Our favorite, funny balloon-maker and t-shirt seller is back, and better than ever. Check out the newly-relaunched HijabMan.com for all sorts of good stuff, including his gorgeous photos, of which he explains:

I’m not a photographer nor am I a journalist trained to seek out interesting subjects and present them neatly labeled and interpreted. My only explanations are that 1. I’ve been living my life in freeze frames since the age of 12, and 2. I love beautiful things. I am just a Muslim who travels, studies, and sells funky t-shirts along the way. When the opportunities presented themselves, I captured the faces that touched me. I love to witness the reflection of the Divine in all that I experience; I love to make you a witness by posting these photos.

I know HijabMan personally, so when he says he’s aiming to spread “a message of consciousness, of justice, of living a life free of people and institutions that exploit others,” you can be sure he is indeed working on those goals. Also, you should buy his t-shirts.

Meanwhile, I’m highly amused that, over at HijabMan.com, this little ol’ weblog of mine is linked right smack in between Khaled Abou El Fadl and Tariq Ramadan‘s respective websites. Wow, now I really gotta get all smart and intellectual.

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