Good lookin’ out, God

Since most of you are too horrified or disturbed, I’m sure, to comment on my letter to God in the previous post, I just thought I’d let all y’all know that I’m off to Oakland soon for Jummah [Friday congregational prayers], where I’ll try to repent for my blasphemy. Yes, aren’t you relieved?

Good things about writing letters to God:
– You think about Him a lot more often.

Bad (?) things about writing letters to God:
– You start conversing with Him in your head, everywhere, all the time, about the most mundane things in the world. Like, the other day, when I cut my finger and then bandaged it while muttering, “That really wasn’t cool, huh, God, was it?”

Clearly I have issues.

Also, say hi to Elysium! He’s currently in SF, and I’m sure he’d much rather be back in Toronto, since California is clearly not as cool as Canada, but too bad. Still, I have a feeling I won’t be winning any CA vs. CA (that’s California vs. Canada, for those of you who don’t know, and obviously Canada is just trying to steal our abbreviations here) debates anytime soon.

Anyway, God listens to me, and the sun is out! What more do you want?

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