Update on Dr. Zehra Attari

Really, I have no words. So I’m copy-pasting what I just sent out in an email. Background here.

The car of Dr. Zehra Attari was removed late last night from the Oakland Estuary. She was a pediatrician who lived in San Jose and maintained a clinic for low-income families in Oakland. Dr. Attari disappeared on the evening of November 7th, somewhere between her Oakland clinic and a medical conference in Alameda, an island city in the San Francisco Bay.

Alameda County divers found her car last night at the bottom of the Oakland Estuary, flipped over and completely submerged in mud except for the wheels. It is believed that because it was dark and raining heavily on the evening of November 7th, and because Dr. Attari was not a very confident driver, she must have driven off the road, down the boat ramp, and into the estuary, which has no barriers in that area. Although the body found in the car has not yet officially been identified, it is believed to be that of Dr. Attari based on the clothing she was wearing the evening she disappeared.

Dr. Attari was also the mother of my sister’s best friend, so the news has hit hard. But as difficult as this time is for us, it is even more devastating for Dr. Attari’s family and close friends, who spent the last six weeks vacillating between hope and despair and doing all they could to gather any information about her disappearance when the authorities themselves had no news or leads to share.

Please take a minute to pray for Dr. Attari’s soul – that she might rest in ease and peace. Pray that the remarkable strength the Attaris exhibited during the past six weeks will continue to sustain them for the weeks (months, years…) to come. And that they might find peace as well.

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Dr. Zehra Attari‘s body was positively identified yesterday morning. The funeral is today (Thurs., Dec. 22) at 1pm in San Jose. For updates and other info, keep checking www.zehraattari.com. There is a condolence book here, that you may sign.

The Attaris held a news conference yesterday. You can watch that here. It’s about 30 minutes long.

Keep those prayers for the Attaris coming.

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