Heedlessly disregarding warnings at muslimunityday

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Well, eff you too, originally uploaded by yaznotjaz.

Ramadan is any day now and I’ll need to get started on Project Personal Betterment v.3957975, so now would be a good time to admit that my first reaction upon seeing this sign was to mutter, “Well, eff you too, buddy.” The second was to smirk and take a photograph. The third was to defiantly go on the ride even though my sister looked questioningly, concernedly at me after seeing the sign herself.

Okay, so I did turn off my hearing aids though, so maybe that undermines the rebellious factor a bit. These digital babies cost thousands of dollars, buddy.

You can see other (non-profane, don’t worry) Muslim Unity Day photos here.

All credits for this Flickr endeavor and reviving the account I’ve had since June go to Elysium, whose every conversation contains lines like, “You need to get Flickr!” and “Why are you discriminating against Flickr?” and “Flickr is the best!” Just kidding, he is good people. And he takes amazing photographs.

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