The end is nigh

This one goes out to blogger extraordinaire Yaser and to my cousin Somayya [aka SuperDuperWoman aka PrincessPrettyPants (PPP)] and to the at least half-a-dozen other friends of mine who will be taking the MCAT tomorrow. You’re almost done, peoples! Rock it up tomorrow, and then you won’t have to review physics ever again. Because physics is stinky. Also, make sure you take your three forms of ID with you, and get fingerprinted all nicely to ensure that it’s really you yourself who are taking your exam, because we all know that, as M remarked sarcastically this morning, “Yeah, that’s what I like to do, take MCATs for other people in my spare time.”

Much love and good vibes and blue raspberry slurpees for celebration. Meanwhile, go score the hell out of that stupid test!

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