we missed u mucho

Guest post by The Lovely L Lady, 12/2004

we missed u mucho.

yea i m at it again, eventhough i warned yasminay that with all these fake updates she would not be up for blog awards anymore- she didnt seem to care about that and i value life so i thought i could compromise the quality of this blog if it could save my life… ah hem *nervously* so just bear with me…and who knows i read in newsweek today that if u want to be a journalist, blogging is perfect training, and since it had been decided with yasminay that the topic of this blog will be my laziness/vegging/lack of “realistic” perspective on life- and since she missed out on the clowning session yesterday (started by my sis, with Somayya and Z‘s active participation, well not so much Z) maybe writing this post is good for me, u guys can be the lab rats ( i m not trying in any way to be insulting to the audience here)

So like i said (and rest assured i would never say that in a real written piece, i mean not that i dont take this blogguesting thing seriously but c’mon if yaz gets a break at my expense she can cut me some slack) the kids were all on my case yesterday for trying to hire my sister to do the research and fill out grad school applications and basically fix my life, although really she doesnt need me to hire her, she s always on task, takes the “concerned big sis” position very seriously *remembers mothers pacifying words* well points well taken its all good…but still *grrr* hehe but Yaz understands me, she’d be a great big sis (Bean would second that), she’d just be cool about everything, she’d even be okay with plan 2 : following her around, plan 1 being grad school of course OMGAWD we re graduating in june, ok i m not bitter anymore, really all i m thinking about right now is being done, and i know yaz is also blocking everything else out, see great minds think alike er however the saying goes, just had a fob moment of doubt…so anyway yesterday was muy fun, i wish yaz were there when we made a short, i repeat very short stop at the mall dont fret- bc the kids decided to try to spend money they didnt have and go “uummm excuse me, i think there’s been a mistake, where is the 90% off rack?” Comedy. And Soms having to make the hot sauce bc i cant even make hot sauce, yea i know pretty sad… And me just now matching Z’s voice to Elmo’s (another fob moment, i m not that familiar with sesame st) but yea she really does sound like him!!! U ever notice that Yaz? So there u have it, i m bored half the time if the kids doesnt come visit, but Yaz prefers to reeeaad, and do the vegging on her own. *humph* haha but anyway my lame, not leaving the house, checking emails 10 000 x a day and just chillaxin days will soon be over and we can both get back to pretending to study, getting jamba juice and run around actin a fool…

uhhh please disregard the lack of punctuation, clarity above hehe and Peace Out!

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