i’ve been sailing around so long Okay. So th…

i’ve been sailing around so long


So the final exams are over.

And the term papers are over, too.

(The last of the latter was supposed to be 4-5 pages and turned out to be 9 or so; skillful use of 1.5-spacing instead of double-spacing, and lots of pseudo-subtle margin adjustment, did the trick, I think. Shhh, don’t tell.)


(I can’t quite believe it just yet, so please excuse excessive use of the caps-lock key, and randomly embedded hyphens and parentheses, and the multiple exclamation points. I’ll be back to my grammatically-obsessive-compulsiveness after the requisite 14 or so hours of sleep.)

So far today, after finishing my last paper this afternoon, I’ve celebrated by eating ice cream and waffles and chocolate bars. I also stretched out on the living room couch and laughed at some Indian movie (there goes my two-desi-films-a-year quota) because, really, was the lead actress lounging in a bathtub in the middle of the ocean? What was that all about? People in the know (i.e. those of you whose desi-film-quota far exceeds mine), you are hereby instructed to explain.

Anyway, I’m done with napping on the floor, staying up all night every night, downing energy drinks like no other, exhaustedly slurring my words during the day, and procrastinating my life away. For now.

And now, I sleep.

p.s. A huge blue-slurpee-filled thank you! to all you rockstars who constantly checked up on me and asked how my work was going and nagged me about getting stuff done. Okay, so guilt trips do kinda sorta work. Maybe.

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