we are all made of stars brutella (11:09:24 AM)…

we are all made of stars

brutella (11:09:24 AM): when i think pizza, i think cheese

brutella (11:09:28 AM): when i think yaz, i think crack

crackfiendserene (11:09:35 AM): dude, thanks!

crackfiendserene (11:09:37 AM): i’m flattered

crackfiendserene (11:09:38 AM): seriously

crackfiendserene (11:09:39 AM): hahaha

Thanks again, crazy child. And you better watch out, because diversity training is coming soon to a city near you. Well, after I pack my suitcase and finish running off to China with Chai. And I’ve also promised S we can move to Jamaica, land of endless sunshine. Sunshine is sounding mighty nice these days, when this week has so far seemed all gray instead of the yellow I’d prefer it to be. Tell me some stories. Or crackhead thoughts. Or crazy comments. Or hilarious things that made your day. Something to take the gray away.

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