California….knows how to party. We keep it rockin’!

So yesterday, my lovely L-lady finally returned from her THREE MONTHS in Washington DC, and I’m so gleeful about this, you don’t even understand. I hugged the crazy child nonstop, and told her that from now on she goes where I go, to which she made some smartass comment about keeping her on a leash. Little does she know I am seriously looking into this. So now I have someone to hug and hold hands with and practice my fake fobby desi accent on (a non-desi person, mind you), and you can bet I worked on this all day yesterday.

I wish I had gotten a pic of the look on L’s face as she came down the escalator at the Sacramento Airport, but my reflexes weren’t quick enough. It’s the “Ew, you guys are gross, how come yall are here without me even knowing about it?” look, and it was seriously funny beyond words. We weren’t even watching for faces, come to think of it, because we were so focused on peoples’ feet as they were coming down the escalator. Somayya started it, with her whole “Look out for L’s feet, everybody! I’d know L’s feet anywhere. No, those aren’t hers” spiel. But we surprised the crazy lady good, because she totally hadn’t been expecting us to be there.

Oh, and I can’t forget how we walked from the airport’s Terminal B to Terminal A, criss-crossing parking lots, streets, center dividers, and even a random wall that just happened to be in our way. Serious criminal activity, peoples. L made some laughing comment about how we looked like escaped convicts. I even had an orange bag. I don’t know how the heck Baji and Najm reached the conclusion that L is not a crazy Cali crackhead like the rest of us here (SHE FOOLED YOU! You guys need to rethink this, seriously), because I have photographic evidence to prove that L was the first one to shrug and start running along the wall. Then she jumped down and crossed the street to Terminal A and stood there laughing at us while we finished crossing over with a What the hell was THAT? expression on our faces.

Anyway, someone had to be taking pictures, since my good friend just spent 3 months in DC and has…what was that you say? TWO pictures?…to show for it. Her so-called ’90s camera doesn’t even have a roll of film in it. I checked yesterday.

Other than that, I’m hella giddy to have L back, even though she’s disgustingly excited to be back on our campus soon and I think anyone who expresses excitement about school while I’m in the middle of term papers and final exams is just plain gross. It’ll be nice to see her in person on a regular basis though, instead of reading her anonymous smartass comments on blogs and having those heartbreaking “COME HOME!” sessions on AIM. (L’s breaking the habit slowly though, much to my amusement. As we were leaving her house last night, she suggested, “Get online when you get home. I know yall got studying to do, so I won’t IM you, but you can go ahead and sign online anyway.”)

A huge, massive, french fries- and slurpee-filled shout-out to the DC gang – Baji, T-bhai, Lil Baji, and Najm – for making time for and hanging out with L over the past few months. I am grateful beyond words. You guys are all the bestest. The end!

Oh! And another huge thank you to Baji for the “United Nations mix CD on crack,” which I am totally enjoying. It’s almost exactly 60 minutes, perfect length for my commute. Baji, can you email me a track listing, please? It’s important to know the crackheads I’m singing along to.

Let’s show these fools how we do it on this west side

‘Cause you and I know it’s the best side

That’s right! ‘Cuz we know “it’s all good, from Diego to the Bay.” Okay okay, so this song is getting way too addicting for my own good. Someone make me stop already. Where’s my alternative rock, is what I want to know.

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