look who’s talking – OR, conversations from the ca…

look who’s talking – OR, conversations from the cal computer lab

D: why are you on both screen names?

D: are you talking to your strange buddies?

Yasmine: yeah, like YOU

Yasmine: nahh, i have the beta version of AIM

Yasmine: i’ve linked both my sn’s

Yasmine: so i sign on ’em both at once

Yasmine: or i sign on ’em both, and keep one sn invisible, and some people don’t know i’m online

Yasmine: mwahahaha

D: whatever

D: you probably have a secret life that no one knows about

D: i know you are crazy enough to

Yasmine: yessiree bob

Yasmine: i am a strange one

Yasmine: this is why somayya and i are gonna drop outta school and go run away and join the circus together

D: can i join the circus too?

D: you guys will need someone to train the monkeys

Yasmine: you’re perfect for that job

Yasmine: hop on, woman

D: seriously?

D: okay, let me just finish making my ravioli first though

D: be right back

Thank you to some of the many cool people who entertained me in between my bouts of trying to write my research paper. You all rock das Haus. Even though you’re all such naggers, oh my God.

But the biggest thanks go to my sister, who patiently listened to me rant non-stop as we drove home. Sometimes I need people to just sit there and listen when I actually, for once, decide to vent my frustrations. Much love to you, always.

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