spot the fake smiles Yeah, yeah, so you think y…

spot the fake smiles

Yeah, yeah, so you think you’re so smart and cool and all that. You think people hang on to your every word and can’t stop laughing when they’re in your vicinity. But tell me, how good are you at telling the difference between fake and genuine smiles? You sure they love you as much as you think they do? For all you know, maybe they’re just pretending they’re happy to see you.

Check out the experiment and see how you do. I got 17/20. I’m a rockstar, obviously. Then again, it wasn’t that difficult at all. But I (mostly) know my smiles, simply because I’m the queen of cheesy grins. Funny thing is, I took the test twice and messed up on the same three people. Of the three I got wrong, two guys I labelled as fake smilers were actually being genuine. Oops.

[p.s. In related news, check out Zack‘s post on Facial Expression from a few weeks ago.]

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