fake post III – what i did yesterday, blah blah bl…

fake post III – what i did yesterday, blah blah blah (the standard is really decreasing, or what?)

I’ve finally figured out that I am certifiably insane. (No kidding?) Yesterday, I used one of my breaks from class to stop by a little market and buy some fruits and vegetables for home. I love the place. Run by a Mexican family, it’s practically a little hole in the wall, but the produce is amazingly cheaper than the price I’d have to pay at a grocery chain. I still need to get used to referring to cilantro, though. I grew up calling it “green coriander” – as opposed to ground coriander, you see. Grocery stores, however, call it “cilantro.” Okay. And for those people who are yet having difficulty grasping the concept of persimmons, there was a nice helpful sign stating, “Eat it just like an apple!” So there you have it.

As for me being insane – I gathered together my baskets of fruits and vegetables, and made my way to the register. As I passed by the ice cream cart, I suddenly had this inexplicable craving for ice cream, so I bought myself one of those yummy ice cream bars. Got in my car, and there I was, driving along back to campus. And, in case you’ve missed it, I absolutely hate the cold. So I’m all bundled up in my sweater, a scarf wrapped twice around my neck, the heat’s turned on to the max, my teeth are chattering like crazy, and I’m just chomping on this cold, frozen ice cream bar. Hilarious. I just had to laugh at myself. It was one of those moments when you want to pick up the phone and call a friend and say, “Guess what I’m doing right now?” so that they can tell you what a psychopath you are. But, between the steering wheel and the ice cream bar, my hands were otherwise occupied, so… So yeah, it’s okay.

At around 5pm, we drove from campus to Sacramento for an MSA banquet at Sac State. Took us only a half-hour, which isn’t bad considering the numerous times we got lost. But hey, we made so many U-turns that they cancelled each other out, and so theoretically it shouldn’t count at all. Great philosophy, no? Gorgeous campus, by the way. Re-cap of the evening: Ate amazing food, laughed with beautiful people, bought a Longing for the Divine wall-calendar (highly recommended), watched/listened to two people take shahadah, took lots of group photographs because I was coerced into doing so and also because it doesn’t take much persuasion for me to flash the cheesy grin.

Not-so-hot highlights: Hearing far too many people exclaim over how “tired and stressed” I supposedly looked. Someone accused me of potentially “ruining other people’s forthcoming smiles” if I kept up the exhausted face. As if I were purposely cultivating the expression. (Excuse me? How tired would you look if you had slept an average of 2 hours/night all week and had just finished seven papers?) Also: The event, though impressively well-organized, was just too long. Imam Zaid Shaker, the keynote speaker, was scheduled for the end, and spoke at length about “bringing the Muslim community together,” or something to that effect. I feel that a speaker of his caliber could have done well with a better topic. Not his fault though, because he went along with what they gave him, and they should have given him a better topic. I don’t know what. Don’t ask me right now.

By 9pm, halfway through Imam Zaid’s speech, we decided to leave. My 90-minute drive home wasn’t looking too appealing at the moment, especially considering how tired I was. Gave my friend Jason a ride over to his place, and on the way we talked about the shahadahs we had witnessed that evening. He brought up the hadith regarding the fact that a convert is considered, by his conversion to Islam, pure and free of any previous sin – all his previous sins are wiped out entirely (Saheeh Muslim #121). “Remember, when I took my shahadah last year, what you said to me when the imam told me that hadith?” he asked.
“No, what did I say?” I replied curiously.
He laughed, “You said, ‘I’m jealous!’”
Hey, I’m still jealous. I wish I could have clean slate like that.

Funny, I had forgotten that envious remark of mine though. What I remember instead is having an MSA girl approach me the morning after Jason’s shahadah to ask boldly, “So, don’t take this the wrong way, but we were just wondering… About your friend – did he become Muslim for you?” I remember my jaw dropping at her audacity, then recovering enough to raise my eyebrow and reply coldly, “I would hope he had far better reasons than that,” then turning and walking away.

I don’t understand girls, especially not the exaggerated soap opera drama-queen endeavors and unnecessary/misplaced nosiness that seems to go with being a girl. I’m just not cut out for it. I shoulda been a boy, I’m telling you.

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