fake post II: conversational highlights Yesterd…

fake post II: conversational highlights

Yesterday evening, my cousin shook his head and said, “You know how some mothers abandon their newborn babies in cardboard boxes in front of church-doors or hospitals? I really think that’s what we should do with you, too.”

“Yeah, but I’m sort of beyond the newborn phase already,” I retorted.

He rolled his eyes. “You’re 22 going on 4. It’s the same thing.”

Later in the evening, after a conversation about something or other, he leaned across the table and said menacingly, “You repeat one word of this to anyone, and I will personally donate you to the Salvation Army.”

Who needs enemies anyway, when you’ve got such loving family members?

Also, on a random note – (couldn’t resist posting this one) –

L: Are all Pakistanis as cool as you?

L: =)

Yasmine: Oh, of course not

Yasmine: I’m the exception to the rule

L: Sadness

L: haha

Yasmine: =)

Yasmine: Why am I cool all of a sudden?

L: Because I haven’t met that many cool Indians and Pakistanis

L: I thought I was being open-minded

L: But they suck arse as roommates


L: They’re horrible to live with

L: oh lordy

L: I believe in karma

L: I musta done something

L: To get these fools


L: I see you more as Canadian than Pakistani

L: Because so far all the Canadians I’ve met are nice

[There, all you Canadians can feel vindicated now.]

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