who, me? I’ve just managed to sneak hot chocola…

who, me?

I’ve just managed to sneak hot chocolate (with whipped cream!) into the computer lab, which, let me tell you, is no small feat, considering the fact that the hawk-eyed computer room consultants stare at me suspiciously every time I nonchalantly saunter in and out. I find the level of observation they direct my way inexplicable and strange, unless of course it means I’m smirking far too much for their comfort. I can’t help it; keeping a straight face when I find something amusing is just beyond me, and sneaking in hot chocolate is amusingly clever, if I do say so myself. One of these days, though, I’ve got to work on acquiring that deadpan, blank-faced look. I’m terrible at relating funny stories or incidents aloud, because most of the time I’ll start laughing in the middle of the story, and my audience/victim of the moment has to sit there all (im)patiently while I hold my stomach and nearly fall off my chair laughing. My delivery is usually all off. Meanwhile, I guess I’d be wary and watchful, too, if I kept running into someone who smirked half as much as I do, and was as inherently sarcastic as I am. Ooh, two more goals to work on for Ramadan. Grand.

So what rebel-child stunts have you all been up to lately? Share the stories, spread the craziness, give me some ideas to implement in the future. Sharing is caring, and all that jazz. Uhh, I mean, Yaz.

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