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Because I got tired of waiting for Yasmine with an E to update her blog

(Guest Post by Yasmin without an E)

So, frankly I use Yasmine with an E’s blog as a way to procrastinate. I’d much rather read about the crazy happenings in Yasmine’s life than read about immunoglobulins. Or about the contents of the carotid sheath (though I now a know a good way to kill somebody now involving said contents…that’s probably the most useful thing I have learned in medical school so far). I have gotten tired of waiting for her to update her blog or randomly going to her website during the day in vain hopes of seeing a glorious new post. And yes, I guess I can get those RSS feeds to actually know when she has updated, but I figure it is futile. I threatened to inflict bodily harm due to the lack of updates, but I had already told her the method of killing somebody (really, the most useful thing I have learned in medical school.) And given her penchant for all things stabbing, I didn’t want to risk inciting true rage. Knowledge is a dangerous, dangerous thing. As a result, I have taken matters into my own hands, and have decided to post for her.

Alas, there are no crazy happenings in Yasmin without an E’s life that can compare with Yasmine with an E. I do have amusing stories about pre-meds who made it to med school and didn’t leave their pre-med tendencies behind. A particular one involves the blunt edge of a scalpel… And I can compile a correlating list about how medical school is not like Grey’s Anatomy and other such lies (I’m still waiting for my scrubs to look that good). But before I do that, hopefully this will get Yasmine with an E to update as soon as possible.

So, I entreat you, Yasmine with an E, please, please update this blog. I need to procrastinate some more.

Thank you. That is all.