anywhere you go, it’s the same cry/money worries

please send money

Aaaand…here’s a screenshot from my getting-taxes-done process! It felt good to get this done early this morning. Yeah, yeah, I was one of those who waited until the last minute…and then fell asleep over my laptop at 1am right in the middle of working on the tax dramas the night before the deadline. Anyway, it’s done and DONE – and I have a REFUND coming soon! Dudes, what should I do with it!?

Gelato and french fries and blue raspberry slurpees are already on the list, it goes without saying. I could also buy stuff from my Amazon wishlist (which consists mainly of books, of course), or my Favorites section on Etsy – half of which items have already been sold or have mysteriously disappeared, as you can see. Reeeeeediculous. I should also invest in a dSLR this year, maybe. And travel somewhere suitably rockstarish. (And the next smartass who harasses me with comments like, “A dSLR and traveling? But why would you want to do that, if no one ever gets to see the photos anyway?” is going to get stabbed with a plastic fork. Plastic forks take longer, and hurt more. Just so you know.)

10 thoughts on “anywhere you go, it’s the same cry/money worries

  1. Oo you’re on Etsy too? I’ve gotten some fabulous stuff off it! Sometimes cheap, some not so cheap. But all beautiful! :) I’m also trying to sell photos on it, but we’ll see how that goes.

    It’s awesome you got a refund. I had to pay. :( It has to do with having 14 kids. Long story, kind of amusing, but not at the same time.

  2. Wow. You actually waited until the 15th to do your taxes, huh? I’ve heard of people like you, I never thought you actually existed. LOL. My taxes? Done in Feb. I’m geeky like that. :P

  3. Annd I just listened to the Adhan that you linked to… tears in my eyes. We’re so blessed, aren’t we? To be able to listen to something so beautiful, to know what it means, and to feel something significant when we hear it.

  4. I will love it because dSLR ti tu high definition tasveeran lay see tha main us nu waikh ki khush ho san. Meray nal bhi dSLR avee ala but may achi tasveeran nayee bana sakna wa. Kaisa laga English ta hindko da cocktail comment.

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