Whisper codes under the hush sky

What a mess (ii), originally uploaded by yaznotjaz.

Things I Have Wikipediaed in the Last Couple of Weeks (in No Particular Order):

-Amadou et Mariam
-Dera Ismail Khan
-inside baseball
-Ashleigh Brilliant

-Amanda Plummer
-Hasan Abdal
-Girl in a Coma

-Amel Larrieux
-Whatever, Martha

-Ganga Jamuna
-Amir Khusro
-electric slide
-The Hold Steady

-Sandra Day O’Connor
-Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye

-Serenity (Firefly episode)
-technocultural studies
-Ahmed Faraz
-Michael Ignatieff

-Regina v. Dudley and Stephens
-August: Osage County
-public ivy
-Jai Ho
-Kunal Kapoor

-Nirvana (Elbosco song)
-Rub el Hizb


What about you? Is your list as strange and scattered and amusing (to me, at least)?

15 thoughts on “Whisper codes under the hush sky

  1. funky thing is I just ate empanadas at a latin festival last night! .. and all I could think was “oooh this would be soo much better with some tadka and chat masala”.. you know? maybe I am just prejudiced towards samosas.

  2. hahahha

    your list is killing me here. Its all over the place and random.. like our flickr conversations used to be ;)

    ooh..and i love you for looking up serenity. Serenity is good but you have to see firefly, if you have not seen it already. Its about cowboys but they are in space .. LOL

    PS: I still have to give you the DVD of “pirates of silicon valley”.

    PPS: i miss having enough time to lurk at your blog. Will work on it.

    Grease Out!

  3. manu,
    hahaha i ate a yummy avocado and cheese and somethingsomething sandwich for lunch, and it was great, but i kept thinking, ‘man, wouldn’t some chutney with this be amaa-zing?!’ mmm, now i’m thinking of chutney and chapli kabob… this is all your fault.

    the idea of an electric slide vlog made me laugh! dude, i can’t even PRETEND i know how to dance, much less do the electric slide. actually, this is my year to learn (to pretend) how to dance, though.

    our flickr convos are STILL like that! at least, mine and hashim’s and baji’s are (not at all surprising, of course). but you’re not there anymore, and anjum and zana are busy, too. sigh. i mean, SIGH.

    Its about cowboys but they are in space ..

    haha! now i REALLY have to see it! so intriguing.
    let’s hang out sometime,and you can give me that DVD!

    a friend reminded me on facebook that i also searched for ‘MacGyver’ on wikipedia yesterday. i mean, ‘McGuyver.’ i mean, ‘MacGuyver’? ugh, i will never manage to get this correctly, no matter how much i lowved the dude and wanted to marry him when i was 8.

  4. i second the vote for ‘serenity’ and agree that ‘firefly’ was much better (and provides the background for the movie). but if you really want the cream of the joss whedon crop, you have to watch ‘buffy’ – whenever you have several weeks to get through the seasons. ;)

    thumbs up to: the hold steady (that’s where i got the blog post title of ‘stuck between stations’!) and jai ho.

  5. firefly is awesomeness. you must watch firefly and you must watch it in order (they aired the episodes out of order, damn fox network).

    but yes, watch firefly.

  6. once you fall in love with the captain of ‘firefly,’ don’t you want to see him as the big bad in ‘buffy’? yes. yes, you do.

  7. baji and adnan and ayan,
    i don’t understand how you all keep having conversations about things i don’t understand. fine, i’ll have to check out Firefly and Serenity. but i draw the line at Buffy the Vampire Slayer. i have yet to have ever watched an episode of that. sarah michelle gellar looks snobby and annoying, have i mentioned that?

    also: highfive to the Hold Steady!
    am listening to ‘Bowl of Oranges’ right now =)

  8. what ever happened to ‘i pride myself on trying something before i reject it,’ little missy?

    adnan and ayan – seen dr. horrible yet?

  9. SUCCESS! i’d suggest the classic all-singing episode but you’d miss out on 80% of the inside jokes b/c it’s based on many prior seasons’ inside jokes.

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