There seems to be an endless sea of people like us

Poetry walk - Addison Street, Berkeley
Poetry walk – Addison Street, Berkeley, originally uploaded by yaznotjaz.

I am humbled in this city
There seems to be an endless sea of people like us
Wakeful dreamers, I pass them on the sunlit streets
In our rooms filled with laughter
We make hope from every small disaster

-Painting by Chagall (The Weepies)

Conversations from the past week:

H: my English has emproved.
Yasmine: ’emproved,’ huh?
H: as i spell ‘improve’ wrong.

Z: sigh
they’re saying that eating too fast can give you diabetes
Yasmine: gross! people take the fun out of EVERYTHING
as my uncle used to say, TO HELL WITH THE SCIENTISTS

J: so how are you otherwise
Yasmine: doing well! just stressed out these days, working on job applications
J: yeye!
i love job apps!
especially not doing them!
that is my fav part of it
Yasmine: hahaha!
i wish i could NOT do them, and still have a job and salary!
money doesn’t buy happiness, i know, but it sure does help
J: but if you shop at the dollar store, you can get a better deal on cookies at least.
that is the secret to true happiness
Yasmine: J, that’s GENIUS

H (again): eat eat!
eat mushrooms like me
you’ll grow taller like Mario

Yasmine: Gossip Girl is drahhaaaaamaaa!
and i think this is only the second time i’m watching it
first time was at your place
N: ya it is SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!
Yasmine: i want to STAB that Chuck boy
he keeps trying to do his smoldering model gaze or whatever
it’s ridiculous!
okay, never mind – maybeee he’s going to become a good person after all!
N: noooooo i LOVE Chuck!!!
i find him so hot and badass
i thought he’s supposed to be the bad guy in this show!
N: ya he is, i guess i love bad guys!

Re. the Dostana soundtrack –
A: this one is a “pump it up in the car” song!
Yasmine: oh, those are the BEST songs
music should be listened to loudly
A: absolutely
“this should be played on high volume, preferably, in a residential area”

H (and yet again): omg, you and i should be one person
we would be soo rocking
Yasmine: is the world ready for THIS?!
i do not think so
H: oh yes!
we would be the most awesomeness
that awesome could ever have

Yasmine: dude, speaking of amazing, wasn’t my cartwheeling wideo AMA-ZING?!
H: no
your butt must have had some padding
Yasmine: hahaha my butt TOTALLY has lotsa padding, unfortunately!

Bean: it’s so cold and gloomy in SC today
its 68 degreees!
Yasmine: hahaha
it’s 67 degrees here, too, and so gray and gloomy looking!
god, we are SO spoiled!
Bean: 66 now

In other news, today (because it’s so gray and gloomy), I wore the new boots I bought last week for $20. Knee-length black boots with enough straps and buckles to give ’em a rockstar look. The problem was, it took me an extra few minutes to properly put them on today, confused as I was as to which boot belonged on my right foot and which on my left. (“Does the zipper go on the inside? Or the outside? Inside, I think.”) Clearly, it is sad that I’m 27 years old and spend most of my days feeling like I’m seven.

19 thoughts on “There seems to be an endless sea of people like us

  1. 55 here, and it’s going to RAIN on saturday. i shake my fist! also: aristotle is clearly on a roll with the amusement (and getting me ridiculously sidetracked with the youtube videos these days!).

  2. 66 degrees is not cold!

    is fall really wndy in california too? i don tknow if its more windy in the fall or if i just notice it more because all the leaves are flying on the wind.

  3. 68F here and haven’t left the house in two days for fear of frostbite. I like to think I’m genetically unsuited for anything below 75F. But, black zippery buckled knee length boots are making me rethink the whole “not leaving the house until February thing.” It just might be worth it.

  4. 48F here but “feels like 41” so I DON’T WANNA HEAR IT, MCBAIN! also, for suggestions on job application resume writing, check out my blog.

  5. so all the comments are about the weather? SUCCESS! ;) you mean no one wants to discuss Gossip Girl or loud music or whether or not money buys happiness? (i still submit it does not.)

    fall here in northerncalifornia is just…cooler. maybe a bit windy, but i haven’t seen it so far. just cooler weather, and then it rains a lot in winter. (sigh.)

    hahaha you sound just like me! clearly, we are meant to be friends. the one thing i have been loving about fall, though, is that i can continue wearing layers (as i always do), without getting the weird looks i get in summer. i love layers. a lot.

    goshdarnit, alright, palin! *wink, wink*
    your resume/CV suggestions are ROCKING. am going to incorporate something like this into mine. watch, just watch!

  6. hahaha stopit, i JUST replied to your comment about this on fb, too, and now i feel like all i’ve been doing is imitating palin all day! make me stop!

    speaking of palin, this is ridiculous, and is amusing me too much. clickety-click, as you would say!

  7. I will submit that I have tons and tons of money. So much that you would be jealous. And you too. So much money that I can’t properly fold my wallet, similar to the comedy stylings of George Costanza. Also, note that by money, I mean debt, because I used to work in the finance industry.

  8. Ooh, I can trump that. It’s going to reach 95 degrees here today. But I’d trade it for a fall day in Chicago in a heartbeat. :(

    (so humankind evolved to have butts for the purposes of cartwheeling? 0_0 It is suddenly all clear to me!)

  9. Droping a comment, because their smile inducing ;) [And because the computer finally decided to load the page today]
    Your weeks certainly full of interesting Convo’s, and I can totally sympathise with you on the padding comment ;)
    I’m sure we have a poetry walk near here ‘somewhere’ only I haven’t been much inclined to shift myself and go hunt it out,
    Beautiful shot, I like the verse you caught.
    Whats with all the weather forcasts? I’m feeling left out eh, its just your usual october weather here, grey.

  10. What does zb do after getting up early morning?
    Brushing – No
    toilet – No
    Prayer – No
    Reading Adnan’s blog!!

  11. I’m blocked from both Facebook AND Gmail at work so I’m coming here to say: HELLO MY LEETLE FRIEND!!!! HIGHFIVES!!!!!

    Btw, I remembered you the other night when it occured to me that I no longer do the desi accent. The one that we couldn’t shake even with the threat of public humiliation looming over us in Toronto. Weirdly, here I guess people’s desi-ness is a little more potent and first-hand, you never hear it. You either have an authentic ‘from the homeland’ accent or you don’t and you wouldn’t dare pretend it. Unless, of course, you’re me. ;) I sometimes slip back into it for certain words like SHATAP! and you can just imagine the looks of shock on peoples faces when I do that. It’s like I’m speaking in tongues or something.

  12. Whats with all of you complaining of cold all the time… come over to desertland during any of the eleven and a half months of summer we have here every year, and you will begin to count your blessings.

    Tap water makes tea, and we put 4 kilos of ice in a bucket of water before we dare take a bath!

    We had three days of rains last year – and every one is hoping it will rain loads this year, and we will have a fourth day!

    Last year, I spotted three people holding their umbrellas like gaon kee kanwariyan hold their matkas on their heads in every bollywood song – they thought the umbrellas were to help people collect water!

    And traffic came to a standstill. People’s response to water falling on their cars is to roll up their windows, and put their cars in ‘Neutal’. Except there was no green light at the end of this natural car wash!

    The reason we tell temperature in centigrades is simply that 20 degrees feels so much cooler than 70 degrees. And 46 degrees sounds infinitely cooler than 115!

    Children are not required to bring leave applications if they miss out on school on overcast days!

    Its public holiday on rain days.

    Get the picture?

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