Nobody said it would be easy now/we live in a lucky town

Basically, I have a slight obsession with bright colors and leading lines
Public library, originally uploaded by yaznotjaz.

It’s afternoon, and I’m sitting inside a coffeeshop, right beside the large window overlooking the street. I’ve been here for hours, watching the way the light shifts and feeling the sunshine and shadows spill across my table.

The two men sitting right outside my window seem to know nearly every other person who walks by, and I’m intrigued and a little bit jealous. It’s a mid-size city that they’ve managed to imbue with a small-town feel, just in the past couple of hours of sitting out at the sidewalk table. How do they know everyone, and seem to fit in here so seamlessly? Ten years back in this city (wow), and I have only one friend who lives here.

Note to self: Find some good food places around here, and stop hanging out in Berkeley so much.

Actually, ignore that part about Berkeley. Not happening.

6 thoughts on “Nobody said it would be easy now/we live in a lucky town

  1. I hang out in Berkeley too much too, to get away from my own mid-sized Bay Area city with a small-town feel. When I first moved here from the city two years ago, I felt pretty out of place.

    But finding good restaurants and cafes helps so much! Luckily for me, there’s a wealth of Asian restaurants around. And until I move to the East Bay or back to the city, at least I’ve got some good Vietnamese and Japanese to keep me sated. ;)

  2. mariam,
    dude, maybe we should hang out sometime. in berkeley, of course. =) there should be food involved, since we are such huge fans of food. also, i must try yoghurtsoda sometime – i’ve never had the fizzy version of doogh. or maybe it’s just that the afghan version isn’t fizzy.

    oh, no! dude, are you in the UAE? they block flickr there, those bastids, so i’ve gotten that complaint before. sigh. i’ve been thinking lately anyway that i should upload the photos through wordpress rather than linking to them on flickr – but flickr makes it so much more efficient.

    wordpress is acting up at the moment, but i’ll try to figure out this photo business soon. hopefully you’ll be able to see pictures the next time you stop by! (am crossing my fingers)

  3. thaaaaaaaaaank you! and yes, i’m in the UAE where they’ve blocked flickr for it’s ‘unsuitable content’ because it clashes with the ‘moral and religious sensibilities of the people of the United Arab Emirates.’

  4. That would be awesome. :) I’m in San Mateo and there’s not all too much to do around these parts (except eat, lol).

    I’ve had non-fizzy doogh too, but maybe it was a household preference growing up to use carbonated water. The Turkish version (ayran) also isn’t fizzy and oh man, it is SO good.

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