I’m so tired, I’m so tired/I wish I was the moon tonight

Orange you glad the sunshine waited for you?
Sunshine-y orange, to cheer me up on rainy days like today, by yaznotjaz

Sometimes when I am bored or tired or stressed, I hit “compose” on a new email window and type nonsense. Like this one at work today:

This is one example of the ways in which we can collaborate on projects based around shared issues and common concerns. There are a multitude of ways in which we can work together to further the scope of such efforts across the Bay Area. This decreases significant misunderstandings and combines our emerging efforts with existing ones, so as not to ‘reinvent the wheel.’ What is wonderful to witness is the emergence of a new movement that finalizes the —

What the hell that means, I have absolutely no idea. It’s not supposed to make sense. It’s a complete free-flow thing, so get off me.

Today was a typical Monday – the kind of day that makes you disgusted that the week has only just begun, with no end in sight. I’m still trying to catch up on the hundreds of work-related emails that piled up while I was off on vacation, gallivanting around in the cold [more photos to add, and I will write about the trip, too, I promise], so I rescheduled this morning’s meeting to tomorrow instead, and breathed a sigh of relief. And then I remembered a conference call I have on Wednesday. I don’t understand why we can’t just conduct business through text-messaging, dammit. Is that really too much to ask?

These days are all about drama and stress, but it shall all be over by early January. Or, at least, that’s the way it plays out in my head. For some reason, Desi music cheers me up, so I was good to go after a lunch break spent listening to Kawan, Ali Zafar’s Sajania, Do Anjaane Ajnabi [from the Vivah soundtrack], and this one, which I know only as Track05. Anyone familiar with who that is? [I’m the only person I know who is so “Ehh, vatewer” about YouTube; I rarely ever click over to the website when people share links with me, and I can’t believe I just spent so much time looking up all those songs for you all. Geez freakin’ louise, yaars.]

Speaking of lunch, I bought a sandwich from the deli at the grocery store (and two jars of gelatin-free marshmallow cream! and cinnamon rolls with frosting!) and then, after waiting in line for an interminable amount of time while impatiently shuffling my feet, I realized that I had already paid for my items. I’m losing it, yaars. LOSING IT.

I came back to the office to find a package from someone I had met at a conference in Chicago, back in October. He sent me dark roast Ugandan coffee, organic and fair trade – “Not Just a Cup, But a Just Cup” – from the Thanksgiving Coffee Company. They are rockstars, and you should buy coffee from them. I love the wonderfully-written, conversational bio of the CEO, Paul Katzeff, here [you have to keep clicking through; there are several pages]. The coffee they sent me is called Mirembe Kawomera:

Mirembe Kawomera (mir´em bay cow o mare´a) means “delicious peace” in the Ugandan language Luganda. It is the name of a Ugandan cooperative of Jewish, Muslim, and Christian coffee farmers.

You can read more about the coffee cooperative on their own website, where Paul also shares the story of how the Thanksgiving Coffee Company agreed to become the buyer/roaster for Mirembe Kawomera:

I couldn’t believe my good fortune. I was the recipient of this call because 40 coffee roasters heard this story and declined to purchase before tasting samples. They were focusing on the product so they missed the story. For me the story was inspiring at minimum. People of faith finding hope through coffee. Choosing cooperation in a world torn up by intolerance. I said, “OK, I’ll buy it.” “How many sacks do you want?” she asked. I could hear in her voice her plea, her compassion, her fear, her innocence, and her dedication, all born from what was much much more than the experience of the starry-eyed girl I had assumed she was when I first picked up the phone.
On the plane I remember thinking how 40 coffee roasters had to miss the significance of what these people had done and were doing in order for Thanksgiving Coffee to get this opportunity to support what in our time could become one of the greatest stories ever told – and through the selling of the coffee, to strengthen and build a cooperative that could become a shining light of beauty for all to see and be inspired by.

On July 12, 2005 the coffee arrived in the US after six weeks “on the water.” An arrival sample was sent to us. We “cupped it” and it is good, real good, and it fills my heart with hope.

Did I mention you should support this effort? Buy some coffee, rockstars.


Update: I asked a friend, who knows his Desi songs, about the Track05 referenced above. Because he likes to push his luck in not getting fired from work, he downloaded the song right then and there, and checked it out for me. Verdict: “It’s a remix of Channa Ve, sung by Kunal Ganjawala, but originally a Pakistani song.” So, there you have it. Get yer own YouTube links!

6 thoughts on “I’m so tired, I’m so tired/I wish I was the moon tonight

  1. You know, the free stream of consciousness writing is a very good thing to expand creativity. I was reading that during those moments yous hould focus your stream on where you wish you were in life, etc. and that sometimes if you do this on the regular you can really figure out your purpose in life and how to acheive it. Never done it myself though.

    Thanks for the coffee info!

  2. Aisha,
    Thanks for the rocking comment, buddy! I never thought of it like that. I mean, I know about (and have myself done) stream-of-consciousness writing based on a specific prompt, but my version of just busting out with random sentences is just weird. But good for de-stressing. =) Using the exercise to figure out one’s “purpose in life” would be pretty cool, although, knowing me, I would never be able to clear my head to get to that point.

  3. kiddo
    I love these two new posts. They are different with LOTS of link and I love hyper-linking. They take me to unseen and unique places.
    Thanks for the coffee link, now Go buy some coffee yourself ;)

    Ref to Track5, I think singer is Kunal Gunjawala.

  4. is it weird that your freestyle writing up there actually makes sense to me? but now i want to know the end of that sentence.

    i dont like sajania. too cheesy or something. and yes, that’s kunal ganjawala’s channa ve. :)

  5. firstly, that’s an awesome photo. it’s practically beaming =) and that’s a cool story about the coffee you got. but coffee’s not my cup of tea, if you know what i mean.

    also, quickly moving on [running away?] from that awful ‘joke’ i just made, i’ve been spending an unspeakable amount of time watching desi movies recently, just to cheer myself up. 3-hour hindi romanticmusicalcomedies are surprisingly effective.

  6. HAHA I’ve converted you to Desi music! Woot!
    Btw, the kawan link doesn’t play the whole song. It skips some of it in between. For some reason I can always picture Ummy singing that song. Weird, huh? Listen to American Jugni – I like that one too and have it if you want to add it to your music. And as much as cheesy/dumb music videos annoy me, I like most of Ali Zafar’s songs.

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