And everything is plastic, and everyone’s sarcastic

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This is just a public service announcement/placeholder post to let you know I’m here! and alive! And I have bajillions of stories to share with you all, but not nearly enough time to type them out. So, give me a few days. Also, I’m sorry for being such a bastid about never replying to the comments you all leave on this weblog; please know that I do appreciate every single one of them. Thank you for being such rockstars, and putting up with me.

In case you’re interested, this was my itinerary for last Saturday alone:
– Memorial service
– Baby shower
– Wedding reception

And then, on Sunday, I tried to finish up a project for a work deadline, but didn’t make much progress. Two days later, I’m still in limbo and not going anywhere with that, and all I really want to do is crawl beneath my desk and sleep for several days. Meanwhile, the world is falling apart – as always, and in so many, innumerable ways – and this is my wish for you: That you may never have to attend a memorial service with your little brother, and watch him watch his 22-year-old friend in a coffin. Parents should never have to see their children in coffins, either.

But still, the glorious mundanity continues. This GMail IM from my sister made me laugh yesterday:

I was walking behind this dude who had the price tag still flapping out behind his shorts and it made me think of you

Here’s hoping you’re finding things to laugh about, too.

23 thoughts on “And everything is plastic, and everyone’s sarcastic

  1. why did the flapping tag remind her of you. do you flap a lot, or are you a price tag? or were you the dude in shorts….
    i dont get it :(


    dude. the coffin part was messed up. you lived an entire lifetime in one day… prebirth, marriage, the end.
    no wonder you want to sleep

  2. Organic Muslimah,
    The fact that that made your day actually made my day. Seriously! =)

    HIGHFIVE, yaar! Howv you are doing?

    I’m here, lovely lady. =) Thank you for checking in via facebook the other day. Clearly – as you of all people must know – I’m horrible about replying back. Thanks for the g’luck wishes, too! Need ’em badly.

    Because, lately I have taken on this habit of buying clothes without trying them on beforehand and getting to know what they look like on my body. So, I buy things, leave the tags on, and wear ’em at least once to see if I like ’em. If it looks good, I cut the tags off and keep the item. If bad, I leave the tags on and return. It’s MAGIC!

    Yes, you and Hemlock got it spot-on. It really was the entire life process in one day. The whole time I was at the baby shower, I couldn’t stop thinking, “But I was just at a memorial service… and he was just a boy…”

  3. Yasmine, I hope you aren’t sweating in those clothes when you wear them. I’m going to be ultra paranoid now when I go shopping!

    I’m really sorry about your brother’s friend. I saw my 23yo cousin in the wooden box wrapped in a white sheet in Feb and it was a life changing experience.

  4. Wow, what a powerful post.

    Tell me you do this professionally, right?

    Your blog has turned into one of my fave reads.

    You rock, rockstar!

  5. awww… your sister sounds like mine.. the other day imessaged her upset asking for a joke and she said

    “Man. I got a gummy worm stuck in my throat.”

    … that was perfect for me! :)

  6. Years ago, on my wedding day, it was a dea old friend who placed his hand on the tag on my jacket sleeve and whispering “This is one of those you do not leave on” removed it.

    For the record I had not intended returning the suit – I’d just bought and worn it in too much haste. You never know when the girl’s parents might have a change of heart!

  7. How do people maintain stories in their heads? A thousand things happen to me, and I forget all of them by the time I get home. And the only thing I can remember and tell my wife, is that my orange smelled like tuna because I had a tuna fish sandwich today. Maybe its these truly irrelevant and stupid things that are the most important. Maybe I am just saying that to sound pensive and introspective. You decide.

  8. “I was walking behind this dude who had the price tag still flapping out behind his shorts and it made me think of you”

    Love it! :)

  9. Monologist,
    haha so glad you like my “plan.” Let me know how it works out for you.

    I don’t sweat. Let us not speak of this. haha no, actually, I’m always cold. Seriously. I probably won’t be doing any sweating ’til July or August, and then I’ll reconsider my spiffy shopping “plan.” =) Thanks for stopping by. I’m sorry about your cousin, too, and I hope all the days bring you peace and sunshine and strength.

    Oopar paanch, yaar! You know what, ZMan sent me a link about that, and I laughed and thought of you.

    You’re much too kind, buddy. I would never be able to do this professionally, because I’d most likely miss deadlines and get fired. =) But thank you for all your constant support lately – much appreciated.

    HIGHFIVE to all rockstar sisters, and siblings in general! Sometimes we just need to go back to trivial comments like that, to regain our equilibrium and our footing in this crazy life. Hope your day got better, too.

    knicq bhai,
    I love your stories, always. =) That comment made me laugh. I hope you keep writing those stories of yours – I love them, even though I’m horrible about commenting. Thanks for the laugh, buddy.

    I’m TRYING. Have I mentioned how work is taking over my life, lately? And all I want to do is sleep? Oh, that was a week ago, and clearly nothing’s changed. *sigh* Thanks for your patience, crackstar. =)

    I have a ridiculously crazygood memory (alhamdulillah) as evidenced by my constant cross-referencing on flickr comments. It scares people, apparently. Also, when one spends the day introspecting and inspecting at gas stations as an attendant, one has plenty of free time to remember things. =)

    =) I miss you and your writing. Come back to blogging soon, whenever you feel it’s time.

  10. I hope you find your footing soon and thankyou
    for calling us rockstars – rather nice to
    think of myself that way instead of a geekygirl:)

    I laughed at the line re :pricetags –
    i always leave the teeny sticker on that has the
    size….it blends in you see….


  11. TDH,
    No one can match Ayan’s sarcasm, I don’t think. =)

    I think I’ll be able to regain my footing next week. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for. Thank you for the kind wishes. Oh, and you ARE a rockstar! So, anytime, buddy boy.

    I know, man. Let’s go take naps. Preferably underneath our desks. Also, regular meals would be a good plan, too. I gotta work on this.

  12. “I was walking behind this dude who had the price tag still flapping out behind his shorts and it made me think of you”

    Love it! :)

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