Keep the same appointments I kept, if you try walking in my shoes

Rainbow skirt
Rainbow skirt, originally uploaded by yaznotjaz

In response to an email I sent earlier today, a colleague replied simply,


You’re so good with detail.

In a few simple words, he managed to cheer me up and, for now, make it all okay: The long hours; the nonstop conference calls, meetings, and events that take up nearly all of my time; the fact that I’ve only had one weekend day off from work-related stuff the last two weeks, and it’ll be the same for the upcoming two weeks as well. And I hate canceling plans with friends when we’ve looked forward to our hanging-out-in-the-city date for months now – especially when I, with all my attention to detail, invited all the rockstars to hang out together and offered suggestions on where to go and what to do. I had to smile when B sent out an email saying, “Thanks to Yasmine, our master coordinator.” Being the master coordinator sucks when all the plans are a moot issue now.

So, here I am – I and my obsession with detail – stressing over deadlines when it’s a beautiful 72 degrees outside and I could be sitting in the sunshine I petitioned God for all winter long (okay, so I sort of demanded rather than requested, but, hey, He made it happen, didn’t He?).

I wish there were a way I could fast-forward this week to Saturday already.

11 thoughts on “Keep the same appointments I kept, if you try walking in my shoes

  1. Forget everything. I WANT to eat this skirt. I have already told you like kazillion times.

    and oh you know what it reminds me.. GOLA GANDA? you know what it is? Its the desi name if multicoloured snow cones and a solid version of SLURPEES (Do I have your attention yet ;) )

  2. Salamaat, need to get out before then! Just take a break anyway and hang out in the sun! It’s the least you can do after your demands :)

    Peace and mad sunny days your way (not that you need it…but since you brought some may way in the cold, grey east coast, I gotta say thanks :) )

  3. As salaam alaikum,

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    This poem has become a rally point for both Manal and Nour’s cause (

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    Wa salaama,

    nuh ibn zbigniew gondek al kitab

  4. YAY! Now I can actually see the comments when I’m at work. Not that I view blogs at work. Of course not. *cough* Umm, I gotta go.

  5. Salaams dear Sr. Yasmine

    Its been a while. Nice new digs…I’m really digging the design.

    As always…your pictures are beautiful.

    Love and Respect

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