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Pencil in that patriotic profundity
Pencil in that patriotic profundity, originally uploaded by yaznotjaz.

I forgot to share with you all a rocking weblog I came across during Ramadan: MUSLIM FOR A MONTH.

And – hey look, kids, you were supposed to be nominating submissions for the annual Brass Crescent awards! The deadline is Friday, November 17, 2006 (yes, tomorrow). Obviously, if there’s anything I’ve taught you in nearly four years, it’s how to be a procrastinator extraordinaire.

The categories are:

– Best Blog
– Best Non-Muslim Blog
– Best Design
– Best Post or Series
– Best Ijtihad
– Best Female Blog
– Best Thinker
– Most Deserving of Wider Recognition
– Best Group Blog
– Best Middle-East/Asian Blogger

Check out Brass Crescent for a detailed explanation of each of the categories. You don’t have to be Muslim in order to vote, it seems. altmuslim and City of Brass are ineligible for nomination. However:

With the exceptions noted on this site, any blog is eligible for any category, including blogs authored by non-muslims. In defining the Islamsphere, we are not relying solely on adherence to the faith, but an affinity for parts of the diverse cultural fabric that Islam embraces and is embraced by worldwide. [link]

Get to it. To quote flickr, it’s just like the electoral experience, minus the cool stickers. (Speaking of stickers, they gave me four “I Voted” stickers on November 7th. FOUR. Clearly, I’m a rockstar about voting.)

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