"Who was that masked man, anyway?"

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This image was something I had quite a bit of fun putting together yesterday. [Click for a larger view, and to read the notes, even though, after all this time, I’m sure you already know why I specifically picked those photos.] I was inspired by Jamelah’s montage to submit my own to this week’s Challenge pool about introductions. Only now, squinting at this a day later, I realize that I neglected to include anything related to FOOD. Disgraceful! I mean, it’s not like I’d taken photos of french fries or blue raspberry slurpees anyway. But cranberry juice! Tiramisu! Pretty drinks! Fried wontons stuffed with cream cheese! How did I manage to bypass all these photos when attempting to sum up my life into nine squares? Man, we need to work on this. I gotta get with the program already. How does one get with the program, by the way? Do you know?

Meanwhile, speaking of things you know, did you know Jamelah has a weblog? Why, yes, she does indeed, and you need to go over and read it, because she writes some of the freakin’ funniest stuff I’ve had the pleasure of reading during the past couple of months. Not only does she like gelato and french fries (and blue slurpees and kind of cranberry juice) – therefore, we are friends forever, that just goes without saying – but she has also written an awesome post entitled, How to Rock: A Guide, and nothing, and I do mean nothing, is more rocking than that, buddy boy.

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