Yesterday I got lost in the circus

Four things:

ONE. I finally got a chance to watch Rang De Basanti yesterday afternoon, over at Naz Cinema in the South Bay. I thought it was rocking. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much during a movie. Because our huge group was practically the only audience, I got to laugh as much – and as loudly – as I wanted. And, damn, do I laugh loudly. Is that something I need to be working on?

On second thought, screw that. I’m 25 years old; I refuse to change my loud laugh now. People will just have to start getting used to it.

Also, re. Rang De Basanti: Aamir Khan is way too much fun as usual, Kunal Kapoor is hot and I am considering marrying him when I grow up, and I was actually impressed with Alice Patten’s grasp of Hindi. If you’re way behind the times with desi films, as I always am, you really need to go see this already. Let me know what you think.

TWO. My favorite crackhead is in the Bay! I foresee lots of ice cream in the near future. Except it won’t be mango ice cream from Chinatown, don’t worry. Also, we’ll have to fit real food somewhere in there, too, since 2Scoops is my self-appointed Nutritionist Extraordinaire.

THREE. It’s supposedly 66 degrees Fahrenheit inside the house right now. Lies, all lies. My fingernails are blue with cold. Freakin’ hell, yaar.

FOUR. To continue with the disgruntlement, here’s a damn stupid question you should never ask me: “What’s your GPA [grade point average]?” What makes you think I would even consider answering that question, unless you were a prospective employer or a really, really (REALLY) close friend – of which you are neither, last time I checked. Yeah, really.

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