So about that 25 thing… (Again)

You know what’s annoying? When you write an entry and post it, and then later, while cleaning up your desktop, come across a file containing an already-half-written entry (actually, bullet points) that you were planning on posting for that event but then forgot all about. And since the already-posted entry in question was two posts ago, it’s kinda stupid to go back and edit it and add in the other bullet points now. I s’pose I could just skip this, but I’m one of those lame people who have a public weblog but no private, offline journal in which to keep track of such things, so what the hell am I supposed to do with this entry if I don’t post it here? Yeah, really.

So! I present Part 2, necessitated by my own nonchalance and ambivalence towards such days. Freakin’ hell, mon.

5. Voicemessage from the crazy D, whom I miss so, so much: “I hope it really is your birthday. ‘Cuz I think, March 1st? Right? Right? If I’m wrong, call me back and let me know what day of the month it is.”

6. My neighbor who lives two streets down is a rockstar. So is the neighbor who lives on my street, who brought me pretty flowers.

7. By the afternoon, typing the following with one hand while scrolling through voicemessages and laughing my ass off at D’s, above: Friends keep calling me, which means I HAVE to answer my phone. I’ve been on the phone more today than I have been in the entire past month or two or three. Leave me alone, peoples! Just kidding, this is good progress for my anti-phone habits.

8. Things to smite: The wild turkeys who insist on blocking my street, and since the road is so narrow, I can’t even get around them.

9. It was indeed gorgeously sunshine-y all day, just as I had asked. God loves me!

10. Clay Friel [via Guri]:

“I hope that I can laugh through all phases of life,
live to a very ripe old age,
and leave the body behind
like slipping off a tight shoe.”

I think it’s a good sign that a lot of the age-related estuff I’ve come across recently has all been about laughter. That alone tells me this is going to be a rocking year.

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