Smile on your brother & sister

Alright, so I know Eid ul Adha is long gone and that I’m addressing this disgustingly late (as usual), but I hope all y’all had a beautiful, blessed one inshaAllah.

Which reminds me, Zahir over at Fall of Icarus had a post highly pertinent to Eid, entitled “This may be blasphemous/haraam but….”

My favorite part:

Sometimes I wish Muslims would speak more anecdotally. Khateebs often need not to dig through books of hadith, tafseer or fiqh for material. Tell us something that moved you, that inspired you and speak with humility–chances are it will move us too.

And Basit had posted something weeks ago that I had meant to make you all read, an entry that made my breath stop – because it was so beautiful and true and well-written – but then I forgot to share, and so I had to dig through his archives to find it again. Go. And while you’re there, you should check out his archives, too, because if you’re not reading his weblog regularly, you’re seriously missing out.

One more! Sister Scorpion has a poignant entry on teaching her 6-year-old daughter about the significance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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