Sense of style

Okay, I promise I’ll stop with the links soon and actually give all y’all a real deal post to read, but, for now, lemme just say I’m having way too much fun browsing this website called HEL LOOKS, which has photographs of street fashion from Helsinki, the capital of Finland [via Oh My That’s Awesome!]. Shut up, I know I have too much time on my hands.

Umm, no, I don’t follow fashion, really [I just do my own weirdly-randomcool thing], but this site is fascinating. Go see! Oh, and the only reason I thought to share this is because there’s a hijabi on there, too! And she’s a neo-con! In terms of fashion, apparently. She’s got too much black goin’ on, but I’m ’bout to steal her bag, seriously. And her jacket. Oh wait, I have too much black in my wardrobe, too. Damn.

p.s. I like this kid. And this one. Orange! Oh, and there’s one dude who’s wearing a sweatshirt with a fat hole in it because he cut out the logo. Right up my alley. I love it. Here’s to logo-free clothing. There’s one girl who says, “Hair has to be backcombed.” That’s right! (Or, if you’re me, never combed at all.) Also, who wants these boots? And computer keyboard cables as belts! Check the red and black, but all the pink is killing me. Here’s a strangely normal kid. And a girl and a guy and another girl rocking a kaffiyeh. Wow, just vow.

One last thing: Finnish people are seriously obsessed with Japan. And tight jeans. What’s up with that?

Alright, I’ll stop now. I’ve already gone through fourteen of the twenty pages. Seriously on crack. Which pics are you liking?

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