A Riddle or Two for You…

A Riddle or Two for You…

#1 (Easy): I am cool yet I love the sun, i wear flip flops in the rain and paint my toes blue even though im secretly obsessed with yellow cuz it’s HAPPY and i want my shades to be orange cuz it makes the world look happy and any boy who wants to win me over better not ever even think to buy me roses cuz real flowers are SUNFLOWERS…who am I?

HAHA…i told you it was easy!

ok…now a hard one…

#2 (slightly hard…probably wont be too hard considering i’m making it up haha):
I am blue and icy and i live in a dual world…what am i??

oooooooooh!!! you thought it was gonna be only SLIGHTLY HARD, but it’s REALLY HARD! i foooled you i fooooled you! hahahaha…so take a guess eh…let’s see who has really been paying attention!

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