Guest post by Princess Pretty Pants, 3/2005



hahaha I didn’t feel like updating my blog so i’m doing a SUPRISE guest update on this blog! YES, i know i’m lame, but don’t act like you don’t like it! hahaha

So let’s talk about Yasmine “THE DREAM” (that’s her new nickname…only because “the dream” rhymes with Yasmine) hehe

Lately, she’s been on a shopping frenzy. Everytime I talk to her, she says “I gotta show you what i bought! I was walking around at _________ (Fill in the blank) and i got _________ and ________ and __________! (fill in the blanks)” I must say, though, that this one has some SNAZZ. YAZZY is SNAZZY! hahahah that rhymes too!

Now I am going to tell everyone 24 reasons why i love Yasmine “THE DREAM” (these are in no particular order):

1. She is crazy…you think I’M crazy? YOU HAVE NO IDEA…yazzo is NUTS! haha
2. She is my partner in crime (who wouldn’t love their partner in crime?!)
3. She loves to laugh, just like moi! (L…I USED A FRENCH WORD! SE VOU PLAIT WOOP WOOP!) hahaha
3. She has a gorgeous smile
4. She’s funky and she’s spunky
5. She’s VIERD
6. She does wraps for me when I just cant get it right (which is 99.9% of the time)
7. She likes to take naps in her car
8. Her world revolves around FOOD
9. She keeps it REAL
10. She’s easily amused
11. She loves funky socks
12. She loves my FAT FEET HAHA (almost as much as i love them…i think…)
13. She is a poet (and a damn good one at that!)
14. She keeps me sane (which is suprising because we’re both INSANE)
15. She’s a book worm neener neener neeeeeeener!
16. She is down to eat dessert anytime anywhere
17. She knows how to cheer me up
18. She is a lazy (just like…____! Fill in the blank!) hahaha
19. She’s one of the VERY few people who understand me
20. She is a cow…hahah just kidding…she’s FABULOUS
21. She’s silly and goofy and not afraid to show it (although she comes across as calm and composed….yazzo…do you think everyone who thinks you’re sophisticated is BLIND OR STUPID? i pick stupid…hahahahahahaha jkkkk)
22. She always has BLUE finger and toe nails…not by choice, but because she’s ALWAYS COLD
23. She is obsessed with the sun

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