brought to you by the color orange This…

brought to you by the color orange

This is where I’ll be at tomorrow. Wish you all could be, too. I’ll be making a special mental note to stalk the UC San Diego MSA table throughout the day, where everyone’s favorite blurker (“blog+lurker”; thanks, Baji!) 2Scoops’ good friends will be selling t-shirts. Isn’t it amazing what a crazy small world it is? I love it.

Lord, please don’t let it rain.

Make it sunny. You know how I like all that yellow sunshine.

Lord, grant us all much strength, patience, and steady iman.

Make the event one that is successful and smooth.

And as beautiful and memorable as last year’s.

Lord, help us bring a positive change to the youth and the Ummah.

Grant us patience and shower Your blessings on this event as well as all other events going on this weekend.

Open the hearts of all those who attend and make everyone leave in a better state than that which they entered with.

Remind us to breathe. And pray for guidance. And give thanks for all You have blessed us with.

Bless those who, with endless kindness and generosity, helped make this event possible.

And those who had the passion, vision, and drive to start this movement and the dedication to ensure it continued.

Lord, guide our hearts and purify our intentions and make the event one at which we feel Your presence with clarity.


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